Commander Mode: Fight Real-Time Strategy Battles with Keyboard and Mouse Support from March 5-11!

Command your units and conquer the battlefield for a limited time only.

Commander Mode is back! Inspired by classic real-time strategy games, you can assume the role of the Commander and plan the movements and attacks of an entire platoon of tanks, or work together with other players as a solo Tanker to bring down the Commander.

We've introduced a host of changes and improvements this time around, including keyboard and mouse support, unit possessionimproved gamepad controls, additional ways to command units, a line of sight indicator, a new battlefield, and even more!

Commander Mode is available for a limited time only – play it from March 5 through March 11!

05 Mar
18:01 Local Time
12 Mar
09:59 Local Time

What's New?

We listened to your feedback from when we first launched Commander Mode in November 2018, and we've been working hard on some changes to make this special event mode even more exciting and fun to play!

  • Keyboard and mouse support lets you dominate the battlefield with the sharp precision of this classic control option. Fans of PC real-time strategy games will feel right at home!
  • Possession allows the Commander to control highlighted vehicles directly, just like the Tanker! Tap 'LB' (Xbox) or 'L1' (PlayStation 4) to 'possess' a tank, and cycle through tanks  using 'B'/'X' (Xbox) or 'Circle'/'Square' (PlayStation 4).
  • A line of sight indicator shows the sight lines of selected tanks, which will help the Commander realize if terrain or obstacles are blocking their fire.
  • Improved gamepad controls allow you to better command your units. The D-pad now allows you to quickly select all tanks within a class, and snap the in-game camera to focus on the closest tank unit. You can also create custom groups by holding 'RT' (Xbox) or 'R2' (PlayStation 4) to change D-pad functionality. With units selected, assign them to a custom group by holding down any direction on the D-pad while holding the right trigger button. Hold the trigger once more, then tap the relevant direction on the D-pad to select your group.
  • Marquee selection is now possible by holding down 'A' (Xbox) or 'X' (PlayStation 4). Utilize this tool to quickly drag and select groups of units.
  • You can now place waypoints to give multiple 'move to' commands to a unit or groups of units. The ability to retreat will also allow selected units to move in reverse towards the retreat command placed on the map.
  • The mode will offer an increased understanding of controls, with a new contextual legend in the bottom-right of the screen providing information to the Commander during battle. During the pre-battle countdown, the HUD now displays basic controls, and loading screens have been revamped to provide new information for advanced controls and tactics.
  • The Tanker's team has expanded to seven, and all Tankers now have an additional tank to command.
  • Joining Hidden Village, you can battle on a new map: Murovanka.

How to Access Commander Mode

From the main menu where you choose the game mode (including Multiplayer and War Stories), you can choose ‘Commander’ to access the Event Garage (which will host all future game events, including seasonal modes) and get started with Commander Mode. Here, you can select either the 'Commander' or 'Tanker' icon to head into a battle. 

The maps may look familiar to regular players: you'll be waging war on either a modified version of the serene Japanese-inspired hideaway, Hidden Village, or vying for the strategically-rich hilly plains and dense forests of Murovanka!

Playing as the Commander

The Commander is the role for the true strategist. The Commander has nine tanks at their disposal (a well-rounded selection of classes and vehicles including the M41 Bulldog, two IS-6s, three FV4202s, and three Skorpion Gs), and is responsible for the movement, positioning and attacks of the entire platoon. With the Commander assuming a bird’s-eye view of the action, this role carries a strategic advantage, but a heavy responsibility in keeping track of all the tanks in play. Vehicles can be given individual orders or selected en masse, meaning you can plan out precise stratagems to flank opponents, or opt for a more heavy-handed group attack.

The controls are designed to be intuitive and easy to understand, with important changes implemented in the latest iteration of the mode thanks to feedback from our community. The contextual legend in the bottom left-hand corner of the heads-up display will give you hints about issuing commands if you need any tips. If you want to get a more cinematic view of the action, you can click the right analog stick to change the camera view to a vantage point that's closer to the ground, and closer to the action! You can check out the controls for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the new keyboard and mouse controls at the end of the article.

Playing as the Tanker

The Tanker role suits those who prefer the more classic World of Tanks playstyle. Fighting together with six other players, the Tanker has a choice of six tanks (two Vindicator Charioteers, three Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71s, and two Captured King Tigers), and assumes the direct control of one of these tanks in third-person combat similar to traditional Multiplayer matches. Communication and cohesion with your team are vital if you want to take down the enemy Commander! While the Commander can see more of the battlefield, the Tanker has the advantage of being in a team and being able to exact more direct and precise attacks on enemy tanks.

While the core game mechanics are similar to typical Multiplayer matches, we’ve refined the experience to make it as exciting and fun to play as possible. You’re fighting with unlimited ammunition, Crew and Module damage have been disabled, there’s no Consumables or Equipment, no repair costs, and matches won’t affect your career stats.

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

For the first time ever in World of Tanks: Mercenaries, you can connect Bluetooth® (only on PlayStation 4) and USB keyboards and mice to use as a new control option! We worked hard to make the gamepad controls as intuitive as possible (with some new revisions included in the mode's latest iteration), but depending on your preference, the keyboard and mouse option honors the time-tested way real-time strategy games have been played on PC for decades.

Connect your keyboard and mouse to your console, set them up via your PlayStation 4 or Xbox's device settings, and you're good to go. We hope you enjoy bringing down enemy Commanders and Tankers with point-and-click precision!

When using keyboard and mouse controls, the cursor state will change depending on certain circumstances.

Earn Silver and the Commander’s Recon Medal!

Every battle won as either the Commander or Tanker while playing Commander Mode will reward you with 10,000Silver and the mode-exclusive Commander’s Recon Medal.

The Commander's Recon Medal. Isn't it pretty?

Play Commander Mode between March 5 and March 11!

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