Wear your Clan’s colors at the Clan Competition

Fight and win additional prizes that combine with your Ranked Battles rewards!

Get ready Commanders, there’s glory to be won in the Clan Competition!

From August 16th to the 18th represent your Clan in the upcoming Tier X Ranked Battles to earn tons of awesome rewards, on top of the ones you can earn in the Ranked Battles.

Commander/Hero/General War Chests + Premium Time for yourself and your clan!

How to sign up:

To participate in the Competition, you should sign up in the Web Form and provide the necessary info about their Gamertag, Clan Tag and Platform (PlayStation 4 & Xbox). Simply:

  1. Follow the link and register here
  2. After the registration stage, you can start playing in Ranked Battles!

After the Ranked Battles event, we will collect player data and determine the winners of specific categories.


During this competition, there will be two categories in which Clans can compete for lots of awesome prizes. In each category the top 3 winners will be scored regarding their:

  • Highest average ranked battle points earned by participating members.
  • Highest average win rate by its participating members.

Just a heads up: A clan can only win 1 reward within the current season.

If a clan places in multiple categories, it will only be eligible for its highest placement in a single category. If a clan achieves the same placement in multiple categories, it will be rewarded for just one of the categories.

Participation and Eligibility:

If you want to take part in the new Clan Competition, here’s what you have to do:

  • You must register before the start of Ranked Battles Event.
  • Play a minimum of 20 Ranked Battle matches within the current season in order to be considered a participant and to receive the rewards.
  • A clan should have a minimum of 5 participating members within the current season to be eligible to win a category.
  • You must be in your registered Clan throughout the entirety of the event.
  • You can register for 1 clan only.


Aside from the usual Tier X Ranked Battles rewards, see what you can earn for yourself and your Clan:

  • (3) General's War Chest
  • (5) Hero's War Chest
  • (7) days of Premium Account
  • (3) Commander's War Chest
  • (3) General's War Chest
  • (3) days of Premium Account
  • (1) Commander’s War Chest
  • (1) General’s War Chest
  • (1) day of Premium Account

So, fuel up and oil your gears boys and gals! There’s a battle to be won and it’s filled with loot!

Roll Out!

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