New Chinese Tank Destroyers + On Track Event

Celebrate the Year of the Dog with Chinese Tank Destroyers!

This Chinese New Year, we’re excited to present to you the all-new tank destroyers coming to the Chinese Tech Tree! Starting February 13, explore a whole new line of powerful snipers and get discounts and bonuses while you’re at it. Learn more about each new addition below, and don’t let our Chinese discounts and bonuses pass you by at the start of this Year of the Dog!

New Chinese Tank Destroyers | On Track Event

New Chinese Tank Destroyers

Tier Name Description
II II flag T-26G FT Deliver fire support from a distance with good accuracy and penetration and stay well hidden.
III III flag M3G FT Superior visibility allows for exceptional hunting from afar and two excellent guns to choose from – one with high DPM and penetration, and the other high alpha damage and accuracy.
IV IV flag SU-76G FT Take position in no time with excellent mobility and unleash a powerful weapon upon foes with excellent DPM compared to others of the same tier.
V V flag 60G FT The game gets more aggressive with a high DPM and an increased HP pool. Visibility goes down, however, so stay well behind tougher teammates.
VI VI flag WZ-131G FT An excellent gun and superb mobility get you into excellent positions to punish enemies. Just keep repositioning and unleashing your firepower.
VII VII flag T-34-2G FT Take aim carefully, and when you do, enemies will cower at your intimidating gun with high DPM, alpha damage and penetration.
VIII VIII flag WZ-111-1G FT A formidable machine with intense firepower, sloped frontal armor and great gun depression.
IX IX flag WZ-111G FT Getting closer to the enemy, this TD enjoys a thick upper frontal plate and pounds enemies with a fast-firing gun with high damage per shot.
X X flag WZ-113G FT Similar traits of its predecessor, except enhanced to take on top-tier enemies. Use its better gun and armor to push enemies to their limits.

"On Track: China" Event

Enjoy discounts and bonuses on the entire Chinese Tech Tree, whether you’re climbing into new tank destroyers or any other favorite Chinese tanks!


13 feb
10 : 01 (UTC)


26 feb
9 : 59 (UTC)

On Track Event

"On Track: China" Discounts

50% Silver Discount 30% Silver Discount
Tier II-V Non-Premium Chinese Vehicles Tier VI-X Non-Premium Chinese Vehicles

"On Track: China" Op

Play a Multiplayer battle in a non-Premium Chinese vehicle.

Reward: +25% XP

"On Track Prep Kit" Bundle

On Track Prep Kit

  • Garage Slots ( 9 )
  • Premium Days ( 14 )

42% savings!



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