Update 4.7: New Soviet Tanks, Mercenaries + More!

Find out about the latest version of World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

Update 4.7 is now available to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360! Get a quick breakdown of the new content and changes available in World of Tanks: Mercenaries, and check out the full Update 4.7 patch notes for more details.

⭢ Update 4.7 Patch Notes ⭠ 

New High Tier Soviet Tanks

Eight new Soviet vehicles from Tier VIII to X will be joining the Tech Tree with Update 4.7:

  • Soviet Tier X Object 430U Medium Tank
  • Soviet Tier X K-91 Medium Tank
  • Soviet Tier VIII IS-M Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier IX Object 705 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier X Object 705A Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier IX Object 257 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier X Object 277 Heavy Tank
  • Soviet Tier X Object 268 Version 4 Heavy Tank

For more information about the new Soviet vehicles and the changes to the Soviet Tech Tree, check out our dedicated article.

Villains Rise: New Mercenary Tanks and Crews

Ready for a host of new Mercenary Contracts to tackle? Seven new Mercenary vehicles have been added to the game, with three contracts available right now! Four of these new vehicles were inspired by player suggestions, with the villainous new Mercenary Commanders based on real Wargaming employees. See anyone you recognize?

  • Mercenary Tier IV Lawgiver Light Tank (helmed by Bloody Diablo): Contract available now!
    • This British-German hybrid’s solid hull armor will leave enemies struggling to find its weaknesses.
  • Mercenary Tier VI SpyGlass Light Tank (helmed by Fell Imperator): Contract available now!
    • A fusion of French and Chinese engineering, the SpyGlass excels in the arenas of agility and speed.
  • Mercenary Tier V LongBomb Tank Destroyer (helmed by Infernal Calamity): Contract available now!
    • A British beast with a German weapon, the LongBomb is slow yet well-protected and utterly lethal .
  • Mercenary Tier VII Ramrod Light Tank (helmed by Callous Chimera): Coming soon!
    • A combination of Allied and Axis engineering gives rise to this hard-hitting brawler.
  • Mercenary Tier V Centrifuge Medium Tank (helmed by Devil's Deathwish): Coming soon!
    • This methodical fusion of British, German and American steel has a great gun and reliable hull armor.
  • Mercenary Tier VII Jammer Medium Tank (helmed by Malevolent Dissident): Coming soon!
    • Solid armor and great mobility give this American-Soviet hybrid the edge over slower, weaker tanks.
  • Mercenary Tier IX Hardcase Heavy Tank (helmed by Vengeful Revenant): Coming soon!
    • The heavy product of Soviet and Chinese fusion, good turret armor lets it face enemies confidently.


From left to right: Bloody Diablo, Fell Imperator, Infernal Calamity, Callous Chimera, Devil's Deathwish, Malevolent Dissident, and Vengeful Revenant.

HUD Efficiency Indicator

In the heads-up display, players can now show indicators that display the total amount of damage dealt, assist damage, and blocked damage during a battle. Damage dealt will always be displayed, but players will be able to toggle on or off the assist and blocked damage indicators via the Options menu.

Dynamic Loading Screens

Loading screens will now dynamically display information that is currently relevant to the player. This includes current active Ops, Contract progress, and special information about certain tanks or maps. 

Other Changes

Check out the full Update 4.7 patch notes to see the full list of changes and fixes, including:

  • New German Camouflage options!
  • The return of the Sacred Valley map to rotation!
  • Improved map and tank balance!
  • Improvements to the user interface and graphics!
Map Attack: Sacred Valley
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