Clash of Titans: Team USSR Wins!

The reigning champions remain undefeated!

Team USSR wins!

Team USSR: 1.05 vs. Team China: 1.04

Rewards are scheduled to go live at approximately 19:00 UTC on April 24. Log in before May 4 to claim them if you supported Team USSR, and also qualify for a reward!

Team USSR Rewards:

War Chests ( 2 )

Extra Combat Rations ( 10 )

Flag Vouchers ( 3 )

x2 Silver Boosts ( 5 )

x3 XP Boosts ( 5 )

x4 Crew XP Boosts ( 5 )

Get the following discounts until April 29:

20% off Premium Tier III-VII vehicles from the Soviet Tech Tree!

20% off Premium Tier III-VII Soviet vehicles from the Premium Tech Tree!

30% off Premium Tier VIII vehicles from the Soviet Tech Tree!

30% off Premium Tier VIII Soviet vehicles from the Premium Tech Tree!

The fight to end all fights. Clash of Titans is coming.

On Track: USSR and China | Clash of Titans: April 20-23 | Prizes | How to Earn Medals
Bonus Crew XP For Platoons

You've battled through Tank Madness. You've faced off in the Final IV. Everything has been building up to the next stage as this year’s Final IV champions, Team China , face off against 2017’s reigning champions, Team USSR ! In the upcoming Clash of Titans event, fight and earn Medals for either China or the USSR to decide once and for all who World of Tanks’ mightiest nation is. There are prizes up for grabs, so pick a side, put on your game face, and get out there!

If you're looking for some formidable new fighters to take to Clash of Titans, you can grab Tier II-X vehicles from the Soviet and Chinese Tech Trees during our On Track event at the start of the week! XP bonuses will be available for all vehicles from both contending nations from April 16 until Clash of Titans kicks off on April 20 .

You can take part in the Clash of Titans event regardless of whether or not you took part in the Tank Madness and Final IV events!

On Track: USSR and China

Get ready for Clash of Titans by adding some new Soviet and Chinese vehicles to your Garage, and rack up some extra XP in preparation!


16 apr
9 : 01 (UTC)


20 apr
8 : 59 (UTC)

On Track: USSR and China

Soviet Tech Tree Discounts

  • 50% Silver Discount on Tier II-V Vehicles!

  • 30% Silver Discount on Tier VI-X Vehicles!

Chinese Tech Tree Discounts



On Track: USSR or China

Play a Multiplayer battle in any Soviet or Chinese vehicle, and get a tasty XP bonus for every battle, win or lose!

Reward: +25% Experience

Clash of Titans: Fight for the USSR or China from April 20-23!


20 apr
9 : 01 (UTC)


23 apr
8 : 59 (UTC)

Clash of Titans

Head to the 'Ops' tab in the Garage to select your team for the Clash of Titans event. Compete by earning Medals from battles played using vehicles from your chosen nation. You will earn points based on the type of medals that you earn while participating in the Op.

Here's a breakdown of the Medals you'll need to earn to help your team during Clash of Titans, and how many points each medal is worth:

  • Fighter : 1 Point
  • Sniper : 1 Point
  • Shellproof : 1 Point
  • High Caliber : 1 Point
  • Steel Wall : 2 Points
  • Demolition Expert : 2 Points
  • Top Gun : 3 Points
  • Defender : 3 Points
  • Invader : 3 Points
  • Brothers in Arms : 4 Points
  • Patrol Duty : 5 Points
  • Crucial Contribution : 5 Points

Every 15 points earned scores one completion for your team , and will earn you 50,000 . Help your team to earn the highest average rate of completion (based on players who have at least one completion) to win the Clash of Titans event .

You will receive a Clash of Titans Medal and prizes relevant to your chosen nation if you complete all of the following steps (your chosen nation must also win the Clash of Titans event):

  • Select your team
  • Earn a minimum of one completion for your team
  • Be on the winning nation's team
  • Log in to claim your reward before May 5
You must score a minimum of one completion for the winning nation of the Clash of Titans event to qualify for the rewards. Be sure to log in before May 5 to receive your prizes!


If you're on the winning team, you can look forward to claiming the following spoils for your efforts!

If Team USSR wins...

  • 10 Nation Specific Food Consumable (Soviet)
  • 3 Flag Vouchers
  • (5) x2 Silver Boosts
  • (5) x3 XP Boosts
  • (5) x4 Crew XP Boosts
  • Aaaand another surprise (not a tank though) after the event!

If Team China wins...

  • 10 Nation Specific Food Consumable (Chinese)
  • 3 Flag Vouchers
  • (5) x2 Silver Boosts
  • (5) x3 XP Boosts
  • (5) x4 Crew XP Boosts
  • Aaaand another surprise (not a tank though) after the event!

Get the Crew Together for Bonus Crew XP!

It's always more fun getting together with a group of friends, and if you join a platoon during the Clash of Titans event, you'll all be able to repeat the benefits! Every battle played while part of a platoon (in multiplayer battles with Tier III+ vehicles) will earn your entire gang a +25% Crew XP boost. Take advantage while you can!

Assemble your crew

Play a battle while part of a platoon (multiplayer battles only, Tier III-X).

Reward : +25% Crew XP

How to Earn Medals

Not sure about the criteria for earning certain Medals in battle during the Clash of Titans event? No problem! Read on to find out how to earn every medal that will net you points during Clash of Titans...

Fighter : 1 Point

Destroy four or five enemy vehicles in a single battle.

Sniper : 1 Point

Achieve at least 85% hits out of a minimum of 10 shots fired with potential damage of 1,000 HP or more. Non-penetrating hits count. If two or more tankers have equal hit ratios, the award is given to the tanker with the highest number of hits.

Shellproof : 1 Point

Have total damage blocked by your armor exceed the hit points of your vehicle and survive the battle.

High Caliber : 1 Point

Cause the highest damage per battle without hitting/ramming a friendly vehicle. Damage must be at least 20% of the total HP of enemy vehicles. Caused damage should be at least 1,000 HP.

Steel Wall : 2 Points

Receive more potential damage than any player on your team, at least 1,000 HP, and survive. Receive at least 11 hits. If two or more players receive an equal amount of potential damage, granted to the player who received the greatest amount of hits.

Demolition Expert : 2 Points

Destroy an enemy vehicle by causing its ammunition to explode.

Top Gun : 3 Points

Destroy more enemy vehicles (at least six) than any other player in a match. If two or more players have destroyed the same amount of enemies, the medal is granted to the player who earned the most XP in the battle.

Defender : 3 Points

Reduce the number of enemy capture points of a friendly base by 70 or more.

Invader : 3 Points

Capture the maximum number of points from the enemy base (no less than 80). Granted on successful base capture and winning.

Brothers in Arms : 4 Points

Each platoon member must destroy at least three enemy vehicles. All platoon members must survive the battle. Each platoon member receives this title.

Patrol Duty : 5 Points

Help your team damage at least six enemy vehicles by spotting them. The player must be the only one spotting the enemy vehicles at the moment when they are damaged.

Crucial Contribution : 5 Points

A platoon must destroy at least 12 enemy vehicles.  All platoon members receive the award.

You can check which Medals you have earned from battles in the post-battle statistics screen after every battle played.
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