Bounty Hunting: Destroy Enemy Bounties for Rewards!

Collect bounties on members of the World of Tanks: Mercenaries community!

Brace yourselves for the return of Bounty Hunting! Get your vehicles ready and your guns loaded for a special event where you'll be able to hunt enemy targets to earn special rewards, including XP Boosts and Consumables. Unique to this event, for the first time bounties will be members of our community, so you may see some familiar names in your crosshairs out on the battlefield!

22 Feb
10:01 Local Time
25 Feb
09:59 Local Time

What is a Bounty?

A Bounty is a member of the community who has been marked for destruction for a limited amount of time! During the course of the Bounty event, if you destroy an enemy bounty, you will receive a reward, regardless of whether the battle is won.

Players will be able to recognize the Bounty, as they are given distinctive camouflage and a HUD marker to identify them as a Bounty tank. The red camouflage is specific to the bounty participant and overwrites their own camouflage, regardless of whether the environment is woodland, desert, or arctic. The player’s game HUD icon will display a gold glow around it to highlight them. The 'golden glow' will be represented in the mini-map, overview map, and scoreboard at the top of the screen.

Bounties will appear on both the NA and EU servers and will be playing at different tiers. Try playing with different tiers and at different times throughout the event if you want to be in with a greater chance of hunting down these Bounties!

All Bounty participants will be allocated to the following Clans:


Tankers who destroy a Bounty participant will receive the following rewards:

  • Large First Aid Kit ( 1 )
  • x5 XP Boost ( 1 )
  • x2 XP Boost ( 1 )

You can claim prizes on as many Bounties as possible while the event is active, so keep playing to find more Bounties out in the wild! If you want to get ahead of the game, check out our Bounties' schedules.

Some Bounties will be streaming the event if you want to watch live as our Bounties fight for survival! Be on the lookout for the following players, and check out their streaming channels to keep up with the Bounty event:

This Bounty Hunting event will only be active for a limited time. Get your tanks rolling and let the bounty hunting commence!

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