Xbox One Beta Weekend

With World of Tanks on the Xbox One right around the corner, we've got several special offers for players who take part in the upcoming Beta Weekend!

Participate in the Beta Weekend by logging in (to the Garage screen) to World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One between July 11, 02:00 PT and July 13, 02:00 PT and you'll receive a free M22 Locust Premium tank and Garage slot ! Already have the M22 Locust? Then you'll receive 180,000 and a Garage slot!

If you play between 11:00 PT and 14:00 PT on either July 11 or July 12, you'll receive x2 for that three-hour period! Additionally, you'll receive an extra x2 Operation ( Road to Victory ) that will automatically activate the first time you log in following the official launch on July 28. Enjoy x2 for an entire day!

But wait, there's more: Download the game prior to the release and you'll be rewarded at launch with the exclusive Premium T1E6-X1 , along with its own Garage Slot!

If you've got questions about the Open Beta, check out our dedicated FAQ forum thread .

Roll out in style!


11 jul  ` 15
2 : 00 (PT)


13 jul  ` 15
2 : 00 (PT)

Beta Weekend

Beta Weekend

M22 Locust Giveaway

Log in to your account. Limit once per account.

Reward: III flag M22 Locust

Rare Tank Spotlight: FCM 50 t Liberté
Update 1.12 Summary
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