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Who secured the most top spots in Tier X vehicles? Plus, check out a new Q&A!

Battle Heroes is the place where we show off awesome feats, daring battles, and amazing accomplishments in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Check back every week to see if you've been featured, and if you want to get in on the action, be sure to post on the forum, or get in touch with our lovely Community team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

This week, we were looking for the most first place finishes using Tier X vehicles. Here's who came out on top!

Xbox: BoggedGorgon879 coming in the top position 104 times!
PlayStation 4: o-R-O-A-C-H-o coming in the top position 126 times!

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

2KWN8 with a clan average XP of 1032!
-NS- with a clan average XP of 1014!
MXD with a clan average XP of 997!
-NL- with a clan average XP of 993!
UTA with a clan average XP of 992!

PlayStation 4 Clans

HVT with a clan average XP of 1130!
STI with a clan average XP of 1075!
TC_ with a clan average XP of 1032!
FTR with a clan average XP of 1016!
H2K with a clan average XP of 1000!

Q&A Heroes

Answers to some of your most burning questions about World of Tanks: Mercenaries!

Is the FV215B going to be replaced by the Super Conqueror?

  • We’re keeping the FV215B in the tech tree AND adding the Super Conqueror.  Players love their tanks, I don’t want to take them away from them.

Will we ever see a premium Hellcat? or an American TD similar to it?

  • It is entirely possible now that you’ve asked.  Tell us what you want to see from it and I’ll file a request.

Will there be any new artillery lines or nations coming soon?

  • Nothing along that line in the immediate future.

Can we get an update on the damage counter?

  • We’ve just finished up some other new HUD work for our next release and the damage counter is next in line for the release after next.

Any word on when the Kirovets-1 will be in-store?

  • It is coming but all I can say is that it will be sometime later this year. 

Will we ever see Vouchers for Permanent Camouflage as Op rewards?

  • I don’t see why not.  I’ll mention it to the events team.

Could we get audio sliders so players can turn their own audio?

  • We can certainly add that to the audio request list.

Battle Heroes: Your Accomplishments!

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Shout-out to: AcacioJPinheiro, albanybuildings, AllanCVieira, assassin66666, Camelman Fin, carlosn03816386, Dgeneratio, EuphoricTone, Gooders_1973, guolverain, JotheGr3at, lady_tanker, laker6767, manuel05930602, maticsmiki, Mattbrit Force, person_2134, Pz_W47CH3R, regis_meow, rx_prr, Shawnknepp2, sir_aut, smashthetrigger, stormdraft, ThibaultMICool, and YouVincent!

Video Heroes

Shout-out to: John-berg1995, Shadow Akula 96 (twice!), Marcinir, Mattbrit Force, Rubbelito, xiverisx, IND00R MAN, Spartan Elite43, steelheadclan, Camelman Fin, RebelZ I SlaYeR, Shadowpower001, and Kipudon!

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