Battle Heroes: French Heroes

Champions du monde! It was an awesome weekend for France, but how did you fare in Tier X French tanks?

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This week, we were looking for the highest average damage and assist damage dealt using Tier X French tanks. Here's who came out on top!

Xbox: kingbacca99 with an average of 1,152!
PlayStation 4: x_iNexuS_-​ with an average of 1,179!

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

UP with a clan average XP of 1085!
FOCHU with a clan average XP of 1065!
-NS- with a clan average XP of 1059!
-WAE- with a clan average XP of 1050!
-NL- with a clan average XP of 998!

PlayStation 4 Clans

HVT with a clan average XP of 1133!
RZN with a clan average XP of 1036!
STI with a clan average XP of 1003!
BHIVE with a clan average XP of 986!
MRKS with a clan average XP of 985!

Q&A Heroes

Answers to some of your most burning questions about World of Tanks: Mercenaries!

Has Wargaming ever considered a trade-in system for premiums?

  • We have received a number of requests for this lately and need to figure out a good way to implement something like this on console. I can’t make any promises at the moment but it is being actively thought about.

For tanks with side skirts, why do they function on some tanks but are visual only on others?

  • Some tanks never had the collision models set up for them from when we converted from PC. Some tanks were just bugs or mistakes. We’re doing a full sweep on them now, and in our next big release, hopefully we will have caught and fixed them all. If it's visually there, it should be physically there.

When are the French Heavy Tanks coming?

  • We don’t have a date yet for them. We are currently wrapping up our update to PC server version 9.20.1 and those tanks are in 9.21, so I’m sorry to say it will take some time still.

Any update on how long WG will continue to support Xbox 360?

  • No plans to announce as there are still thousands of unique users playing on Xbox 360 daily.

Battle Heroes: Your Accomplishments!

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Video Heroes

Shout-out to: Xenith_Inc, ChopperMeir, RetroJules, Spartan Elite43, Indoor Man, Bullvyi The Fell-Handed, EzBreezy, MASHMAN 90, sgt alix, BrogueOne, Cellek_PL, Three 60 Mafia, Mattbrit Force, xiverisx, Rubbelito, LazyCalf5928745, and steelheadclan.

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