Battle Heroes: Shoot to Kill!

Take a look at this week's Battle Heroes!

Battle Heroes is the place where we show off awesome feats, daring battles, and amazing accomplishments in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Check back every week to see if you've been featured, and if you want to get in on the action, be sure to post on the forum, or get in touch with our awesome Community and Social Media team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

This week, we were looking for the players using Tier X tanks with the most 'Kill Based' Medals earned, including: 

  • Top Gun
  • Devastator
  • Radley-Walters' Medal
  • Pool's Medal
  • Raseiniai Heroes' Medal

Here's who came out on top!

  • Xbox: SHRiIVIP with 18 Medals earned!
  • PlayStation4: Jay1983FTW with 15 Medals earned!

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

-NS- with a clan average XP of 1129!
200IQ with a clan average XP of 1080!
-7B- with a clan average XP of 1058!
ARTYM with a clan average XP of 1048!
FNX with a clan average XP of 1031!

PlayStation4 Clans

EMT with a clan average XP of 988!
M4SK with a clan average XP of 986!
UP with a clan average XP of 976!
-RT- with a clan average XP of 966!
INDEX with a clan average XP of 964!

Developer Q&A

When will the “The Machine” contract be turned on?

The contracts are being redesigned this week, then tested. That means you’ll probably see it sometime in February or early March.

Will we get the Sherman M4A4/FL10 variant for the French or USA tech tree?

The M4 Sherman FL-10 is on the wish list for this year. No set date yet.

Why are some vehicles' characteristics changed on Console and differ on PC? Do you guys do your own balancing tests and changes?

We do all our own balancing testing, datamining, and changes. While we do start with the PC stats and check their balance in the live game, we started diverging from PC long ago for many tanks.

When is next big balance update? Some of my tier X tanks are currently collecting dust in the Garage--tanks like the 121 and the Object 268 v 4 desperately need some love.

No plans for those two tanks currently. The Object 268 v 4 is currently over-performing a bit and the 121 stats show it as being pretty much dead-center in terms of balance.

Could we please have a Tier VIII Czech Premium? Preferably a Heavy, possibly some kind of IS-variant?

I can certainly put in a request and just did.

Are there any plans to add a "skip all" button for the Ops tab? It gets a little annoying when you're sat there for a minutes clicking 'ok' after every notification to say 'I completed an Op'.

Now that we’ve changed the number of active Ops at one time, I can see the need for this. A new feature request for this functionality will be filed today.

One question, four Tanks. How are the following Tanks preforming & what are the chances of change?

The Tier VIII Centennial – Looks like it could use some updates.

The Tier V Stubbs – Doing really well right now, no need to change.

The Tier V Matilda IV – Looks like it could use some updates.

The Tier V Matilda BP – Looks like it is doing pretty well right now.

Is there a reason why the Tortoise didn't get the armor buff like it did on PC?

PC updated the collision model of their Tortoise recently; we’re currently using the older model and, with a 51% win rate, it is doing pretty well.

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