Battle Heroes: Most Damage Caused!

Check out this week's Battle Heroes, plus a new Q&A from the developers!

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This week, we were looking for the players that caused the Highest Damage/Received Ration Using the Tier X Tanks!

  • Xbox: Zayats with a DC/R Ratio of 14.96!
  • PS4: Rasalfrasal with a DC/R Ratio of 19.57!

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Clans

Every week, we take a look at the top reigning clans on both Xbox and PlayStation 4! Find or create your own clan, and see if you can make the ranks in the weeks to come.

Xbox Clans

  • -NS- with a clan average XP of 996!
  • -SJW- with a clan average XP of 989!
  • -NC with a clan average XP of 970!
  • WL- with a clan average XP of 953!
  • -HMD- with a clan average XP of 948!

PlayStation Clans

  • TC_ with a clan average XP of 1033!
  • MDS with a clan average XP of 1002!
  • -W- with a clan average XP of 986!
  • AW with a clan average XP of 976!
  • KORE with a clan average XP of 970!

Developer Q&A

And now, it's time for another Q&A session with PAINGOD from the development team and Lead Designer- Jeff Gregg from Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore!

Q&A Heroes

Will we ever get dynamic stat changes in the garage like pc does i.e crew values change when perks and equipment are added or at least a notification showing what the difference will be when said equipment and perks are acquired I know we get the percentages but it doesn't change in the vehicle description.

  • [PAINGOD] That’s currently being worked on and will hopefully go into the next release.

Will the British AT line ever get the 9.21 PC rebalance? If I recall only the AT 2 got touched and that was a big armor nerf. AT-8 through the Tortoise remain the same since their introduction in beta. They all got armor buffs in 9.21 to return them back to their assault TD role. I believe the same should happen for console as right now they just get bullied. Also the 32 pdr on the Churchill GC, AT-15, Tortoise didn’t get the updated alpha.

  • [PAINGOD] Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve assigned and investigation task to our Tank designers to look into.

Will we ever see enough MBA maps to make a tournament? Himmelsdorf, Prokhorovka, Murovanka, Cliff, Steppes, Sand River

  • [PAINGOD] Yes we’ve added maps in our next release.

Is anything interesting planned for this year?

  • [PAINGOD] I mostly can’t talk about future plans as that is Marketing\Publishing’s area. Aside from what I’ve mentioned above, the next release should contain some extensive balance adjustments and new tanks of course.

Will we ever see clan logos in game? If not why not?

  • [PAINGOD] We can add clan logos to the game but anyone would be able to use them.

Is there any plans to change premium rounds in the near future?

  • [PAINGOD] No current plans to change premium rounds.

Why do some Mercenary crews get Mercenary Crew voices & others do not?

  • [PAINGOD] Good questions. We did a VO session for the original Merc crews that were initially planned. As we added more later those didn’t get custom VO’s as we have a memory limit for voices we’ve maxed out.

Any news about customizable garage, are you working on it? I would love use different garage than our current jungle garage.

  • [PAINGOD] While its always been on the wish list, we currently don’t have anyone working on it.

Is Foch 155 getting side armor increase and maybe other buffs? tier IX did so why not tier X, its rarely played by anyone.

  • [Jeff Gregg - Lead Designer] Changes to a specific tier don't always result in changes to the higher and / or lower tier vehicles in the line when we make them. That being said, We scrutinized this vehicle's recent performance based on feedback. Our findings generated interesting results and (to be honest) some healthy / heated discussions on how to proceed. We see that the vehicle is performing slightly above average for its class / tier when looked at globally, but slightly below average for its class / tier when cross-referencing skill. On top of that, we noticed that highly skilled players seem to prefer this tank; more so than many other tier X vehicles. As such we are not editing this tank for now but will continue to specifically monitor it to see if anything else can be learned.

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