Update 3.9: "Caen"

5 jul 17

Update 3.9 is named for the Battle of Caen, a new map that's just one part of this fun new update. Read on!

Customized Crew

Due to popular (and repetitive) demand, you can now fully customize your Crew Commander in multiple ways, allowing you to give them their own unique persona:

Portait selector

Nation voice audio

You can now:

  • Change portrait
  • Customize names (First and last name can be up to 11 characters long. Full name must be at least 1 character. Cannot contain a banned word. Only non-special western characters. Can contain numbers)
  • Change gender
  • Set the voice of your Commander to any of the supported languages below

Supported Languages:

  • Chinese (Taiwan)
  • English (UK)
  • English (U.S.)
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish (EU)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (EU)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Korean
  • Russian
All Crew voices default to your console's selected interface language.

But that's not all! When 3.9 launches, every player who logs in between July 6-20 will receive 10 Crew Customization Vouchers and an additional 10 Vouchers per Year of Service. Crew Customization Vouchers are a new form of currency that allow you to personalize your Crews. Have more Crews that you want to customize but short on Gold? PAINGOD's also offering Crew Customization bundles for Silver in the Store! We've put Crew Customization on a 50% Gold discount.

Get your Crew Customization Vouchers for Silver! Available in single bundles and (X5) bundles.

  • Single Crew Customization Voucher: 100,000 Silver
  • (X5) Crew Customization Voucher Bundle: 450,000 Silver with a 10% Discount
  • Gold Crew Customization: 250 Gold with 50% off: 125 Gold

Discount on Crew Customization if purchased with Gold (50%) - July 6 through 20

This exciting feature allows endless opportunities for future Crew customization options to be added. With that, look for additional chances to pick up more Vouchers through various Ops, Bundles, and special events!

After the promotion, you'll be able to customize every aspect (name, gender, portrait) of your Crew for 250 . 

Limited Time: Free XP to Crew XP Conversion

Convert excess Free XP to Crew XP through this limited-time event. From July 6-16, get 2 Crew XP for every 1 Free XP at no charge! Increase your Crews' mastery level and get them the Skills and Perks they deserve.

The conversation rate of 1 Free XP to 2 Crew XP is designed to work with console specific Crew earn rates and with the single tank Commander who represents your Crew. Simply put, this rate offers a way to greatly accelerate your Crews' progress at a similar cost as XP Boosts and Academy Training.

Select the Crew you wish to add Crew XP to, and select the Convert Free XP option.

Confirm the amount of Free XP to be converted to Crew XP.

New Map: Caen

Following the Invasion of Normandy, the Allies recognized the city of Caen as an important junction for several roads and railways. The city was a vital objective to keep for both the Allies and Axis, and led to the Battle of Caen in 1944.

This console exclusive map is based on this famous battle site. Caen took over five months to create, and combines an urban French city with rolling green hills, a central bridge, and lots of hiding spots!

Update Notes

Download Sizes -

Xbox One: ~3GB / Xbox 360: ~116MB title update + 1GB download 
PlayStation 4: ~2.7GB

New Features

  • Customized Crews: portrait, gender, name, voice
  • Free XP to Crew XP Conversion promotion
  • New map: Caen


  • Machine gun SFX updates
  • Explosion SFX updates
  • Ammo rack explosion and turret fire SFX update
  • Spectator Cam controls: (the "A/X" button is now the "attach button" in fly cam mode. The inertial toggle that was on "A/X" is now on the left thumb stick for both fly cam and directed cam.)
  • Co-op modes adjust difficulty based on number of players (amount of friendly units' scale div. by Tier level of enemy units' scale)
  • Improved AI movement to reduce pushing player/blocking shots
  • Dynamic button legend
  • Updated Large/Small medkit assets
  • Added background blur when opening the Platoon manager (HD Consoles Only)
  • Updated Garage Help screen for Daily Win information
  • Purchase celebration now displays item names
  • Increased earn rates in Proving Grounds (Single and Co-op)


  • Fixed wind and grass audio issue
  • Environmental slider now has audio
  • Dramatically reduced mosquito volume
  • Engine audio to cover full RPM range
  • Added artillery incoming sound
  • Removed fighter plane audio from loading screen
  • Disbanding Platoon no longer stops all engine audio
  • Removed vehicle tread audio from Garage
  • Refactored destructibles' audio
  • Refactored ambient distances audio
  • Updated interior/exterior ambiance audio levels
  • UI sound levels reduced
  • Added waterfall audio
  • Adding engine audio on Fatherland IS-3A
  • Added missing water audio
  • Reduced the spark FX texture on Xbox 360
  • AP rounds no longer have the explosive FX
  • View cone removed in artillery overhead view
  • Fixed RU localization for Tutorials
  • Copyright dates updated
  • Fixed JA localization for Co-op
  • Fixed KO localization for “Iron Mace” Skill
  • Fixed AR text for PSN notification, several camo/emblem/inscriptions & map names
  • Fixed AR right to left text in loading screens
  • Fixed DE localization in VK 45.02 B description
  • Fixed DE grammar in descriptions of Type 91, Chi-Ni, Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f), Hetzer, TVP VTU, M37, T82 HMC, T95, Object 416, KV-1S, A-20, T-34-85, Centurion I, Valentine
  • Fixed DE localizations for "Type", "Premium Store", "Exit to Garage", "Call for Vengeance", “Situational Awareness”, Heavy Medals
  • Fixed DE spelling in camouflage description
  • Fixed DE localization for Chelyabinsk Krov Plant name
  • Fixed DE grammar in "Log" tab
  • Fixed DE localization for Crew dismissal dialog
  • Fixed issue when viewing vehicle filters when a Platoon member selects a vehicle
  • Fixed missing camouflage descriptions
  • Button legend properly updates the current number of Platoon members
  • Platoon dropdowns no longer overlap the player selection box
  • Post Battle Results Screen (PBRS) efficiency tab now displays spotted enemies correctly, and correctly displays which vehicles self-destructed
  • Invitees vehicle selection correctly grays out in a Co-op Platoon
  • Customization side panel correctly updates with item owned information
  • No longer brought to the beginning of the reel when cancelling a customization purchase
  • Long inscriptions titles correctly scroll
  • Background for Garage slot now present in celebration screen
  • PS4: Removed "Invitations" from the start menu
  • Xbox 360: Adjusted truck lighting in Garage


  • T95E2: Fixed floating tread
  • Kraft's Panther: Fixed Smoke SFX location
  • Crusader: Fixed sniper cam view
  • Type 61: Added missing periscopes
  • T110E4: Removed paint from periscopes
  • M40/M43: Fixed track links
  • T34: Fixed smoothing on chassis
  • M6A2E1: Fixed track links and size
  • Jagdtiger: Treads no longer flash red/green and fixed tread teeth alignment


  • Murovanka - Winter: Updated culturals and dirt texture
  • Ardennes: Adjusted buildings scale to cover a gap
  • Ardennes - Summer: Fixed terrain seams and added physics region under bridge
  • El Halluf: Smoothed out terrain to prevent getting stuck
  • Pacific Island - War!: Removed prop tank from carrier to prevent getting stuck
  • Northwest: Removed incorrectly placed props
  • Northwest & Redshire: Added physics regions to prevent access to restricted areas
  • Prokhorovka: Adjusted crashed train car to prevent getting stuck
  • Karelia: Added terrain border decal on ravines edge
  • Province: Adjusted prop placement
  • Tundra: Fixed seam in the skybox
  • Malinovka, Steppes: Removed floating culturals
  • Prokhorovka - Night: Encounter capture circle no longer floating
  • Sand River: Smoothed out terrain to prevent getting stuck