Deals of the Week: 50% Off the Brazilian Bulldog and Tiger I Hammer + More!

Save 50% on a great collection of rare tanks and an additional 30% on more awesome vehicles!

Save a massive 50% on some of the most powerful Premium vehicles in World of Tanks: Mercenaries every week! Every Tuesday, check back on the portal or the in-game Store to pick up two new tanks in Deal of the Week bundles together with 3 days of Premium time. Additionally, we have 50% off an awesome tank duo, and 30% off some epic tank trios!

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11 Dec
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Deals of the Week: M41B Brazilian Bulldog and Tiger I Hammer

This week’s special Deals of the Week are the M41B Brazilian Bulldog and the Tiger I Hammer. The M41B Brazilian Bulldog is a rare American Light Tank that combines great mobility and impressive firepower for its type, making it an excellent addition to your Garage. The Tiger I Hammer boasts the fearsome “long 88” L/71 gun, essentially making it an elite Tiger tank.

  • American Tier VIII M41B Brazilian Bulldog Light Tank
  • 3 days of Premium Account


50% savings!

  • German Tier VII Tiger I Hammer Heavy Tank
  • 3 days of Premium Account


50% savings!

Duo of the Week

This week’s duo deal includes the American Deathstalker M46 Patton and the Vengeance T25. The Deathstalker is a highly mobile threat with the ability to effectively shoot on the move, while its awesome gun depression gives it a great range of vantage points. The Vengeance has decent mobility with a powerful gun for its type, giving it an edge against enemy Medium Tanks.

  • American Tier VIII Deathstalker M46 Patton Medium Tank
  • American Tier VIII Vengeance T25 Medium Tank
  • 3 Days of Premium Account


50% savings!

Terrific Tanking Trios

The Verzila is a heavily armored beast with an amazing gun, making it a truly destructive force on the battlefield. It's joined by the Adler, a beautifully streamlined, angular vehicle with great aiming, reloading speed, and accuracy. Finally, the trio is completed by the rare Chinese Alpine Tiger. It has great mobility for its hefty build while featuring top-notch armor and a powerful gun, decorated with an engraved growling tiger to match its predatory nature.

For our second tanking trio bundle, the Senshi features a forceful gun with great handling, excellent aim time and accuracy, as well as great mobility. The Heavy Tank No. 6 is, as the name suggests, a Heavy Tank with great armor, speedy reloading, and a gun that packs a punch. The Chi-Nu Kai completes this bundle as a well-protected tank with especially good turret armor and produces outstanding penetration for its type and tier.

  • Soviet Tier VIII Verzila KV-4 K Heavy Tank
  • German Tier VII Adler VK 45.03 Heavy Tank
  • Chinese Tier VIII Alpine Tiger WZ-111 Heavy Tank


30% savings!

  • Japanese Tier VIII Senshi STA-2 Medium Tank
  • Japanese Tier VI Heavy Tank No. 6 Heavy Tank
  • Japanese Tier V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai Medium Tank


30% savings!

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