Update 4.4: Reap the Spoils of War

Reap the Spoils of War in Update 4.4.

War Stories: Spoils of War | New Map Variant: Prokhorovka Winter
SCOURGE KIROVETS-1 | Crew Portraits | Battle Tiers | More Fire For the King Dragon
Base Capture Revamp | New bundles

Update 4.4 has landed, and it’s a big one. We’re introducing a brand new collection of War Stories , known collectively as Spoils of War , which pits a new group of heroes against a reality where World War II never ended.

We’ve also introduced Defense Towers to command and aid your fight in War Stories, more options for crew portraits , a new Premium Hero tank, adjustments to Battle Tiers to help newer players, and a new map variant that’s primed and ready for the most epic of battles: Prokhorovka Winter . There are plenty more changes to digest, so check out the full Update Notes for Update 4.4 for a detailed breakdown on everything new and different coming to the game from April 3!

Rewrite History in War Stories: Spoils of War

The year is 1948, and World War II never ended.

Prepare to battle through and adapt to a new and unfamiliar world in an epic new collection of War Stories. Spoils of War introduces a group of new heroes, representing the different perspectives of a war without end. These epic new chapters are available in single-player and co-operative multiplayer , and lay the groundwork for the future of War Stories!

Get ready to meet the daring new heroes of War Stories! Captain Karl Staupe fends off a Soviet force from a doomed village in Sieben Ritter , and Sergeant Frank Martinez attempts to liberate a hoard of priceless artifacts from German raiders in The Connoisseur .

War Stories: Spoils of War | WAR STORYTELLER BUNDLES

Defense Towers

The War Stories chapter Sieben Ritter introduces a new concept to the game in the form of Defense Towers. These are stationary turrets located across the map that will fire upon the enemy, each having their own Health, Modules, and Crew. You can issue commands to Defense Towers to help you fight off the invasion and save the town!

Prokhorovka Winter

Learn the intricacies and strategic advantages of a new map variant.

Update 4.4 introduces a new winter variant map to World of Tanks in the form of Prokhorovka Winter , a chilly snowscape that hides a few secrets not accessible in the map’s original form. With the onset of winter, Prokhorovka’s rivers and pond have frozen over. This opens up more accessible routes, more places to take cover, and more opportunities to plan and carry out new strategies without sacrificing your tank's mobility!

  • Battle Tier 4+
  • Camo Type: Winter
  • Game Modes: Standard, Team Destruction, Encounter
  • Size: 1,000 x 1,000

The following maps have temporarily been removed due to game size limitations, but will be added back in rotation at a later date: Redshire 1944, Northwest, Windstorm, Tundra, Tundra Winter.

New Premium Hero Tank: Scourge Kirovets-1

Available until May 1.

Become the bane of the battlefield. Scourge Kirovets-1 is here, and it has its sights set on a total conquest of the battlefield. Outfox your opponents with great mobility, or prime this war machine for direct attacks with the backing of excellent turret armor. Ready your defenses, or give in to this Soviet assailant’s cause in brand new bundles, available for a limited time only!

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Scourge Kirovets-1 Ultimate


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Crew Portraits

More customization options than you can shake a turret at.

In additional to the existing crew portraits, more options have been added with Update 4.4. You can now use additional national crew portrait to truly make your tank and your crew your own. New common crew portraits are also available, and can be used with any nation, so go wild!

New portraits are only available through Crew Customization.

American Crew Portraits

Chinese Crew Portraits

French Crew Portraits

Japanese Crew Portraits

UK Crew Portraits

Battle Tiers

Adjustments to help new players.

Battles can take place in 11 possible Battle Tiers (not to be confused with vehicle Tiers, which range from I-X). Each vehicle, depending on a number of factors including its performance and vehicle Tier, will fall in a certain range of Battle Tiers to fight in. While the Garage doesn’t display Battle Tiers, you can see the maximum vehicle Tier your selected vehicle will meet in battle.

With Update 4.4, we’ve made adjustments to Battle Tiers and when maps and game modes become available to improve the learning and playing experience for newer players. Maps and game modes will be rolled out gradually as players progress in the game, with all maps becoming available at Battle Tier 7 . This will give players more time to focus on learning how to handle the vehicles, and less time trying to learn about a large amount of maps.

King Dragon Type 59

More fire for the king's breath.

The regal VIII flag King Dragon Type 59 has been buffed with Update 4.4! This crimson monster's gun has been given a fiery upgrade to a modified version of the 105mm L7A1 (105mm L7C), and packs a devastating 390 average damage. Not only that, but we've reworked additional gun stats to give it better penetration and accuracy.

Visually, the gun will remain the same to preserve the special Dragon barrel. The new gun will come with a stock loadout of ammunition, with 50 rounds of Premium ammunition in the depot. Silver will be refunded for all ammunition left on the old gun. If you already own the King Dragon, you will be upgraded to the new version after updating the game client.

Base Capture Revamp

All about that base.

The base capture indicators have been fully reworked to support multi-base game modes, to reduce the HUD space, and to generally make it easier for players to see which bases are being captured. All previous information about base capture progress has been either retained or improved. The siren sound effect has also been updated, with the addition of clearer alert messages during base capture.

Basic Flow

Bases are always displayed at the top of the HUD and are activated when friendly, enemy, or neutral bases are being captured. The bases will be represented by one of the following icons:

  • Flag: If these bases are captured, the game will end.
  • Letter: Used for multi-base assault mode to distinguish between the bases.
  • Star: Used for secondary bases. These are displayed in War Stories and PvE modes for bases that can be captured, but will not end the game if they are.

The icons and circle color depends on the color of your team. The friendly base will always be the base on the left, with the enemy's base on the right. If the base is neutral, it will be in the middle. The following colors are used as Base Capture Indicators:

  • Red: Enemy Base
  • Purple: Enemy Base when in Colorblind mode
  • Green: Friendly Base
  • White: Neutral Base

When the base is being captured, the indicators will go from their inactive state to their active state, where they become animated, provide capture information, and display an accompanying alert message in relation to what is happening.

If you are the player capturing the base, you will now also see a Personal Capture Bar:

There are many more changes included in Update 4.4. Have a look at the full Update Notes to see what's new in the latest version of World of Tanks!

New Bundles Available This Week with Update 4.4: Destroyers and Lights Trios


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Destroyers and Lights Trios

The Destroyers Trio


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The Lights Trio


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Update 4.4: 'Spoils of War' Summary
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