New Ops Structure with Massive Rewards: Coming January 2019

Prepare for a new event with epic monthly, quarterly, and annual rewards.

The new year is approaching! Other than fun with family and lots of bubbly beverages, what better way to celebrate another rotation of our planet around the sun than with a brand-new event and Ops structure? World of Tanks: Mercenaries will be introducing a new challenge structure that encourages you to complete tasks and collect points every month to accumulate awesome monthly, quarterly, and annual rewards. The more you play, the more you get. Let us give you an overview of the new upcoming in-game events, and why you’re going to love them.

Winter Games Alpha, January’s month-long challenge and your introduction to our new system, introduces Daily Ops, Weekly Ops, Phases, and Campaigns, each with their own set of rewards, and all leading up to a free or discounted Premium reward tank at the end of every quarter and at the end of the year, depending on how many of the campaigns you completed, and to what degree.

How to Earn Points and Rewards: Daily and Weekly Ops

  • Daily Ops: Daily Ops provide a series of goals to complete every day. Completion of all the Ops in a given day rewards additional bonus points. Daily Ops are only available the day they unlock and disappear the following day. Daily Op rewards can include Silver, Boosts, Points, Consumables, and personal offers.
  • Weekly Ops: Weekly Ops provide a series of goals to complete every week. Completion of all the Ops in a given week rewards additional bonus points. These are essentially the same as the Weekly Ops that are announced in Weekly Strike, which recently rewarded points towards the similar Brotherhood & Glory event. Weekly Ops are only available the week they unlock, and disappear the following week. Weekly Op rewards will include Silver, Boosts, Points, Consumables, and personal offers.

Phases (Monthly Events)

Winter Games Alpha will be the first Phase, beginning January 2, 2019.

  • Phases: Phases are essentially monthly Ops, and operate similarly to the recent Brotherhood & Glory event. Much like the Absolution event and other events World of Tanks: Mercenaries has run in the past year, Phases use a point-based system. The Weekly and Daily Ops feed into the main Phase Op. There are three Phases per Campaign (Winter Games Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie will feed into the main Winter Games Campaign), and twelve Phases per annual Objective. Phase rewards will include Silver, Boosts, Consumables, discounts, personal offers, personal XP events, and a participation Medal.

Phase rewards are MASSIVE. As you progress, you'll earn even more. Be sure to check out the infographic next week to see all the great prizes you can win in January.

Campaigns (Quarterly Events)

  • Campaigns: Campaigns last for one quarter, or three months, and are broken down into a series of monthly phases:
    • Campaign 1 (Winter Games): January, February, and March
    • Campaign 2: April, May, and June
    • Campaign 3: July, August, and September
    • Campaign 4: October, November, and December

There are four Campaigns per annual Objective.

Campaign rewards can include a Tier V – VIII Premium reward tank, and discounts on this tank ranging from full price (for no participation) to 50% off, 75% off, and of course, completely free, depending upon the extent of your participation in the Phases comprising the Campaign. Rewards also include an exclusive Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal for participating in a Campaign.

Objective (Annual Event)

Every Phase and Campaign throughout 2019 will be part of the Objective.

  • Objective: Bring out the big guns! An Objective is an activity that spans the entire year.

Depending upon the extent of your participation in the Phases that comprise the year, you can earn exclusive rewards, including unique items and a rare and powerful tank that’s sure to set pulses racing in new and veteran players alike. Stay tuned for more on this!

Winter Games Alpha is Coming

The first-ever Campaign, Winter Games, will begin on January 2, 2019 with Winter Games Alpha. Full details will be announced for this first Phase next week. Bundle up and get ready to plunge into the new year’s battles with a loaded gun for epic tank warfare and excellent rewards!

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