Earn Points, Level Up, and Gain Awesome Prizes With Tanker Rewards!

August 27, 2020

The Tanker Rewards Program is here! What will you have to do to start earning points? Easy—just play! As a World of Tanks Console player, you will automatically be a part of the reward system! We’ve taken care of everything else, so that all you have to do is play, earn, and get rewarded.

The guideline below will walk you through just how Tanker Rewards works. Every month, you will have many opportunities to earn points and win rewards. Based on the number of points you have earned by the end of the month, you will be placed in a certain Status, Tier and Monthly Level.

Your Status, Tier and Monthly Level as a player will determine what rewards you will reel in at the end of each month, from in-game content to exclusive in-person rewards!


How do I sign up?

You don’t! Any World of Tanks Console player is automatically listed as a reward member and is able to earn points and rewards.

What are Tanker Reward Points?

Tanker Reward Points are the points a player has earned through the game. The number of points they have will establish their Tier, Status, and Level which determine the rewards they are eligible to receive.

Note: The Tanker Reward Points start counting on August 1st, 2020! You will be able to see how many points you’ve earned starting August 27th.

Which battles qualify?

To earn points, you must play a player vs. player, multiplayer, or ranked battle and earn the minimum tank tier XP required:

Tank Tier I: >= 45 XP
Tank Tier II: >= 60 XP
Tank Tier III: >= 70 XP
Tank Tier IV: >= 80 XP
Tank Tier V: >= 100 XP
Tank Tier VI: >= 120 XP
Tank Tier VII: >= 140 XP
Tank Tier VIII: >= 160 XP
Tank Tier IX: >= 160 XP
Tank Tier X: >= 160 XP

What do Tanker Reward Points look like?

Every month, players will have the opportunity to collect Tanker Reward Points. Tanker Reward Point progress will be shown in two different ways: Monthly, and Yearly.

Your activity will be calculated and updated daily. The sum of your monthly activity at the end of each month in your play-year will determine your Yearly Status,  Tier, and rewards. The current playing month of activity will be used to determine a player’s Monthly Level of rewards. Your Monthly progress will allow you to level up your Yearly Tier and Status and earn rewards specific to that month.

Where can I find information about the Points I have?

You can see your points and progress in the Rewards section of the World of Tanks Console website.

Note: Points will be calculated once a day and may take up to 24 hours to be reflected in your Rewards progress.

How can I get Yearly Points?

There are three ways for players to earn Yearly Points:


Get 1 point for every login day! Only condition? Have at least one win in a qualifying battle.


Get points for purchasing Gold Packs and War Chests.

Monthly Progress

Get extra Yearly Points based on your Monthly progress.


Note: Yearly Points are cumulative throughout the year and have a lifespan of 12 months. Tanker Reward Points will be calculated daily.

How is my Monthly progress measured?

Every month players will be rewarded with Yearly Points and in-game rewards based on the Monthly Level they fall into. The Monthly Level is determined by the total amount of Monthly Points they have received by the end of the month.

The table below shows the Monthly Level a player falls into depending on the number of Monthly Points they have earned and how this translates into rewardable Yearly Points as well as other rewards.

Note: Monthly Points will be calculated every monthly reward cycle starting from 0.

There are three ways for players to earn Monthly Points:


Get 1 point for every login day with at least one win in a qualifying battle played that day!


Get points for purchasing Gold Packs and War Chests.

Battle Performance

Get points for your participation in battles.


How is my participation in battle scored?

Players will accumulate Monthly Points for every battle they play based on their participation in qualifying games. Every qualifying battle will award points as shown below:

  • 1 win and survival -> +5 points
  • 1 win and no survival -> +4 points
  • 1 tie and survival -> +4 points
  • 1 tie and no survival -> +3 points
  • 1 loss with 2 or more kills -> +3 points
  • 1 loss with 0 or 1 kill -> +1 points

Every battle you play will earn you additional points towards your Monthly Progress.


How do I know what Status I am and what Tier I fall into?

A Status is a group in which a player is categorized depending on the number of Yearly Points they have earned. You can fall into one of the three Statuses: Challenger, Pro, or Legend.

A Tier is where a player falls depending on their Status. There are 3 Tiers to every status, 9 Tier rankings in total. A player’s Tier is the determining factor for the status they find themselves in, and how many rewards they can receive.

Based on your Status and Tier, you will receive certain rewards.


There are 6 Monthly Levels: D, C, B, A, AA, AAA. Players will receive monthly rewards and Yearly Points based on the Level they fall into from their Monthly progress.


What are my rewards?

There are tons of ways to earn rewards!

Rewards are granted and based on the amount of cumulative Yearly Points and Monthly Points you have earned.

Players will receive two types of rewards: those based on the Monthly Level they have reached, and those based on the overall yearly Status and Tier they have reached.

Note: Players will receive their rewards from the previous month within the first seven days of every month.

Yearly Tier Rewards

Players will receive rewards on a monthly basis based on the Yearly Tier they have reached.


Monthly Level Rewards

On a monthly basis, players will receive additional in-game rewards and Yearly Points based on the Monthly Level they have reached at the end of each month.

In short, players will receive 2 sets of rewards at the beginning of every month. Pretty great, right?!

Those rewards include, but are not limited to:

Gold, days of Premium Account time, XP boosts, Silver boosts and other consumables.


Note: Players will receive rewards for both Monthly and Yearly progress only if they have participated in the game that month and have progress visible on their Monthly Rewards page.

Tanker Rewards are meant to reward you throughout the year for your time on the battlefield! Don’t miss out on any of the awesome opportunities to earn rewards and increase your Status. Play hard. Gain hard.