New Season Improvements and Bug Fixes!

New Season Improvements and Bug Fixes!

September 17, 2020

Check out all the game changes coming straight to your console in next week's update!

PS4 Update Size: ~1.12 GB

Xbox Update Size: ~1.10GB

Tank Adjustments

Bizon T-103 + T-103

  • Reload: 12.1 -> 11

Map Adjustments

Sunset Coast – Encounter Variant 2

  • Moved the Base capture location slightly further East.

Sunset Coast – Standard Battle – Variant 3

  • Spawn points updated for both teams

Fisherman’s Bay – Standard Battle Variant 2

  • Moved Team 1 spawners closer to W so they can better contend with the valley. Team 2 spawners have been pushed back a bit so they don’t dominate the valley.

Prohorovka Night – Standard Battle

  • Moved some of the closer spawners to the hill for Team 2 onto the other side. The hope is that it will take them a little bit longer to get to the hill and contest team 1.

Arctic Region – Standard Battle Variant 2

  • Spawn points updated for the North Team

Kaunas – Standard Battle Variant 1

  • Spawn points update for both teams.

Kaunas – Standard Battle Variant 2

  • Spawn points updated for both teams.


  • The Challenges page has been redesigned so Progress can be displayed correctly and more cleanly.
  • Made adjustments to the status display on the friends’ tab to make it more readable.
  • Added a dialog/popup after reporting a player.
  • “View Privacy Policy” link added to the new player registration screen.
  • Improved the order of Store items in-game.
  • The option to Report a player has been added to the PBRS.
  • Made further adjustments to the IPX system to improve the flow for a new player.

Bug Fixes 

  • The cross-platform console icon and player name are now aligned in the center of the kill feed banner.
  • The New ribbon on the store tab now disappears upon entering the Store.
  • Help screen text “erreicht hat.” is no longer cut-off under the training section.
  • The player no longer receives the refund message for a gift only season bundle.
  • Season pass pages now display and update correctly when buying stages.
  • Targeted Offer text is no longer cut off in Russian.
  • The button prompt in the gifting friend list is now center aligned.
  • The help screen for Season is no longer missing the Challenge icon in Japanese.
  • The formatting for the Sniper medal in the Stats Tab is now correctly aligned.
  • Ammo penetration values no longer overlap the penetration text.
  • The gift celebration screen now displays correctly in all game modes.
  • Removed erroneous Challenge displays on the Loading screen.
  • When muting a player, the mute icon now properly attaches to that player.
  • Side panel descriptions no longer overlap when transitioning from the level 100 panel to the Buy Season Pass button.
  • All cross-platform players’ names/Gamertags and the console icon are now vertically aligned in the center of their respective voice chat banner.
  • The celebration screen appears after the completion of IPX quests with their rewards.
  • The “Contract has expired” message no longer appears every time the player enters the game after it is dismissed the first time it appears.
  • Celebration headers for targeted offers are no longer cut off in Spanish loc.
  • El Halluf: Various rocks now have the correct collision.
  • In its destroyed state, the 113 no longer has a wiggly object appear alongside its back right tread.
  • Column Header added to the Invite tabs.
  • Replays will now correctly display Gamertags/PSN ID’s that are 16 characters long.
  • The garage challenge widget now correctly shows the status of Daily Challenges in all cases.
  • The controller diagram now has a black background.
  • The Seasons Tab now covers the fullscreen no matter the safe zone size.
  • The text is no longer cutoff for DE, RU, or JP in the Account Creation screen.
  • The selection remains on the player lists after exiting the player options dialog instead of the map.
  • Mines: Some of the rocks have been removed at G8 so tanks can no longer get stuck.
  • The Premium Tanks’ Silver price now appears with white font color.
  • War Chest rewards animation contents are now shown in certain cases and double animations no longer happen.
  • Selected items in the supplies menu now reset when backing out of the not enough money pop up.
  • Adjusted the camo unlock pop-up dialog when unlocking camo in IPX through War Stories.
  • The Platoon icons are now displayed in the team composition bar.
  • The Contract stage progress is now correctly shown in the Challenge Tab.
  • The penetration indicator now displays the correct colors for penetration chance.
  • Conway now plays the correct gun audio.
  • The log tab no longer shows a Gold cost when purchasing an item with a voucher.
  • Steadfast now plays the correct gun audio.
  • The color status of a Gold purchase price now updates correctly without a refresh of the UI.


Please note there will be a server restart for World of Tanks: SummerSlam on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020.

Shutdown time: 12:00 FET (09:00 UTC, 04:00 CDT, 02:00 PDT)

Estimated Downtime: 2.5+ Hours