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World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update!

December 14, 2020

It’s one of our biggest updates ever. See what changes are coming to World of Tanks Console!

Are you ready for a sleeker, neater tanking experience? Our latest update is on its way, and it’s bringing massive changes to the look and feel of the game as well as some of the key game systems.

Take a look at some of these colossal changes and learn more below!

Commander System

In place of Crews, the World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update will implement the new Commander system.

Existing Crews will be promoted to Commanders. The result: a system that’s simpler for new players to understand and easier to manage with only Skills to keep track of.


Get ready for new, more powerful Consumables that can be used by tanks of ANY nation! We’re streamlining the list of Consumable items and converting all your existing Consumables into their upgraded versions so that you can get the benefit of these updated items right away.


We’re also updating the types of Equipment available and the ways they function.

Our new Equipment list includes familiar items that have been updated and renamed along with all-new items.

Additionally, with this update, all tanks (new and existing) will have the new Enhanced Target Info automatically installed. This Equipment can be removed at no cost or credit to you.

Tank Skins

All you tankers who enjoy customizing your vehicles with Emblems, Inscriptions, and Flags will love this part of the update. Get ready for a new way to change the look of an entire tank: Skins!

The new tech we’ve implemented as part this update has made Skins a reality. How will you look when you roll out into battle?

World of Tanks Console and the Next Generation!

Don’t forget World of Tanks Console will run at 4k/60fps on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Get ready to tank away and enjoy faster load times on these consoles.


Not only will the Heads Up Display (HUD) have a refreshed look; it will also contain new information to help you in battle.

The Post-Battle Results Screen (PBRS) offers new tabs and even a salute to the top three players in a match.

Customization System

When you select one of your tanks in the “Vehicles” tab (formerly known as the Garage), you’ll be able to open the Customization menu, a series of tabs that contain all the info you need to know about that vehicle and all the screens where you can customize it.

Linear Vehicle Progression

To make the upgrade process clearer and easier to understand, we’re implementing Linear Vehicle Progression, a single path to reach Elite Tank status, with checkpoints along the way where you can fit your tank with different modules.

Profile Tab

The new Profile Tab contains a ton of info about your gameplay experience: your stats in all your vehicles, medals you’ve earned, account activity (Store purchases, Commander recruitment, etc.), and more.

Portal Store Discontinued

As of December 8th, the link to the in-game Store will no longer be available on the website portal.

Don’t worry; the Store will still be available! It will continue to be accessible in-game, where you can get your game content the moment you need it.

Log in on your console for limited-time tank bundles, exclusive deals, gift-giving, and more!

The World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update is a huge undertaking. We can’t wait to see what you do with new systems, new tools, and an overall refined experience.

Roll out!