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Monsters Awakened Mode!

October 23, 2020

Destroy your enemies with supernatural abilities, haunt the Halloween maps, and earn a spectacular 300% Crew XP Bonus in your Monster Tanks!

27 OCT
10:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

No chains can hold them. No spells can cast them back into the shadows. The Monster Tanks are coming to decimate the battlefields in Monsters Awakened Mode!

What is Monsters Awakened?

Monsters Awakened is our unique Halloween-themed game mode that brings out the beast in each Monster Tank. During this event, players who have earned a Monster Tank through the Monster Hunter Challenge or purchased a Monster Tank at any time will also have the awakened version of that tank in their Garages.

Players can bring their awakened Monster Tanks into battle on two special Halloween maps: Grim Graveyard and Dead City.

Grim Graveyard
Grim Graveyard
Grim Graveyard
Dead City snapshot054
Dead City snapshot052
Dead City snapshot000

There, the tanks will arise with their full powers, including attacks and abilities unlike anything you’ve ever seen in any regular battles!

To view the complete list of Monster Tanks and their awakened powers, visit the Monster Tank Bestiary at the link below:

What if I don’t own a Monster Tank?

We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on our Halloween treats! As always, players who don’t own a Monster Tank will receive the spooky Spectre tank for the duration of the event so that they can join the ghoulish fun and participate as well.

What do I get for playing in Monsters Awakened Mode?

On top of the sheer frightening fun of teleporting across maps through spirit portals, unleashing Atomic Breath on your enemies, and wielding all sorts of other fantastic powers? You get an amazing Crew XP Bonus!

All Monster Tanks playing in Monsters Awakened Mode have a 300% Crew XP Bonus and can use ANY nation’s Crew. It’s an amazing opportunity to train your Crews while devastating the opposition!

Plus, playing in Monsters Awakened Mode gives you a chance to earn Monster Drops. Monster Drops unlock when you acquire a Monster Tank through the Store this year. You’ll also unlock Monster Drops for any other Monster Tank acquired through the Store in the past! Earn Silver, XP Boosters, and even points toward our current season Levels!

Do I get to keep the awakened Monster Tank?

The awakened form of your Monster Tank will disappear from your Garage and return to the grave with the server restart on Tuesday, November 3rd. Your regular, unawakened Monster Tank will remain in your Garage for you to unleash devastation with all throughout the year!

What else should I know about Monsters Awakened?

Here are the fine details:

  • For the first time ever, all monsters awakened will have 200% health!
  • All tanks have a 300% Crew XP Bonus!
  • Tanks can use ANY nation’s Crews!
  • The matches are 7v7 multiplayer matches.
  • Ammunition is free!
  • Repairs are free!
  • Free XP cannot be earned.
  • Silver can be earned.
  • XP can be earned.
  • You can use Consumables but will pay to resupply them.
  • Awakened Monster Tanks cannot be customized with Camo, Emblems, Inscriptions, or Flags.
  • Awakened Monster Tanks cannot be resold.

Awakened Monster Tanks are back to scour the earth! Will you be able to harness their powers? Or will you succumb to their monstrous might? There’s only one way to find out: roll out and let the monster inside awaken!