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Monster Mash Mode: Unleash the Beasts!

October 25, 2019

The Monster Tanks reveal their true form in the creepiest event of the game. Play at your own peril…


29 OCT
9:01UTC Time
8:59UTC Time


Hellcome to the Monster Mash Mode, Commander.

Play with your Monster Tanks in their awakened form and use their special abilities to wreak havoc across the Grim Graveyard and Dead City maps.

Each vehicle has its own wicked set of abilities that will be available during the event (like the Bellerophon’s special ammo and the Inferno Chimera’s ability to respawn). Be sure to play with all your awakened tanks!

Pick one of the following tanks and battle it out ‘til you drop dead.


Take advantage of this event to train your crew as all Monster Tanks will have a 300% Crew XP Bonus and can use crew from ANY nation!

If you don’t have any Monster Tanks, the Spectre will appear in your garage to be used exclusively in the Monster Mash Mode.

For more information on the Monster Mash Mode, check out our forum!