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Monday Madness: Mama Mia What a Deal!

November 18, 2019

Earn a flag voucher and enjoy a 30% discount on Italian Summer Camouflage!


18 NOV
11:01UTC Time
19 NOV
10:59UTC Time


Buongiorno Commanders! Itsa me: Monday Madness!

Get ready to complete the Op of the day and earn a new flag voucher!

Also, don’t forget to use your 30% discount and apply a new summer color scheme on your Italian Tanks.

  • 1 Two-tone “small spots” Camouflage
  • 1 Three-tone disruptive Camouflage
  • 1 Woodland Camouflage
  • 1 Large spots Camouflage
  • 1 Digital Camouflage
  • 1 Marshy Camouflage
  • 1 NATO 3-Color Woodland
  • 1 Summer Transparent

 1,400 Gold

30% Savings


Flag for Monday

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Flag for Monday
Win and survive a battle
  • Flag
  • Available to Tiers III - X only
  • Available to Multiplayer only
  • Available Once per Account

This offer is only available on the 18th of November.