World of Tanks: Modern Armor – 3D Commanders!

April 19, 2021

Put these leaders in charge of your tanks! Get details on the brand-new Commanders, straight from our development team!

World of Tanks is all about the tanks. However, we’re always looking for ways to make tanking more personalized and more exciting.

Our tankers are able to connect with their favorite World War II tanks through a Commander, which is currently represented in the form of an illustrated Commander portrait. To add another layer to the personalization of vehicles, we’ll be introducing 3D Commanders when World of Tanks: Modern Armor launches on April 27th!

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Like their 2D counterparts, 3D Commanders can be equipped with the Skills of your choice. Different levels of Commanders will be available, each with a different number of Skill slots unlocked at the start of recruitment for you to create a custom Skill build.

However, 3D Commanders are fully modeled from head to toe and outfitted in thoroughly researched, detailed gear that represents specific nations and time periods.

They’ll also be integrated into your Vehicles tab and your post-battle celebration screen for a more immersive experience!

Here to tell us more about what 3D Commanders bring to the game is World of Tanks: Modern Armor Senior Game Designer Nick Guida to give us all the first-hand development details!

What was the reason for creating 3D Commanders?

Our goal was to provide exciting and compelling Commanders. We wanted to make something that players would want to obtain and assign to their favorite tanks to connect with their vehicles on a different level.

With the new 3D Commanders, we can connect our players with history, a certain time period, and give hints as to where each Commander comes from.

You’re going to see your Commanders in your Vehicles tab standing next to the vehicle they’re currently assigned to. If you platoon up with a buddy, you will see your platoon mates’ Commanders next to their vehicles in your Vehicles tab as well. You will even see the Commanders show up in the MVP celebration that happens after a battle.  The vehicles are of course the star of the show, but the Commanders really help complete the story that we are trying to tell. As humans, we’re wired to crave that human element, and I think the 3D Commanders provide that.  This is about you, your tanks, and your Commanders.

How are they different from the legendary 2D Commanders?

What you’ll really see going forward with 3D Commanders is the concept of the Commander, the Premium Commander, and the Hero Commander. While your standard Commander comes with one Skill slot unlocked, a Premium Commander comes with two Skill slots unlocked plus a faster Commander XP earn rate, and a Hero Commander comes with three Skill slots unlocked plus an even faster XP earn rate.

I think you’ll find that, just like with Premium vehicles, the Hero Commanders tend to have a really cool visual presence in the game. We hope that players find that compelling.

You’ll be able to experience these different types of Commanders right out of the gate.

Let’s hear more about representation and the authenticity of the Commanders.

While each Commander can be assigned to a vehicle from any nation, they do have kind of an inherent nationality built into their back story and their visual appearance. The 3D Commanders also represent a spread of time periods, largely through post-war to Vietnam to modern era outfits.

And that’s going to be something you see even more of in the future. It’s not just going to be the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. 3D Commanders are going to cover a wide variety of nations… and not just nations we have vehicles for! They’ll go far beyond the nations you’ve seen in World of Tanks so far.

We have a really talented character art team. They’d get the character out in the concepting phase, and then the character would have a rough model, and that would get fleshed out in their various pieces of gear, down to the minutiae of what their gear would like—what the buttons would look like, what kind of gear they would have had available in this time period, in this place. All of that research is done by the team.

Have there been discussions about players being able to customize their 3D Commanders?

We’re always thinking about ways to make features like 3D Commanders even more exciting and give players more of a sense of individuality and ownership. We’re absolutely considering further customization options for the coming months.

What about voice support for the Commanders?

Commanders will continue to have the language support based on the language your system is set to. We’re exploring options for different voice treatments in the future.

Will 3D Commanders be coming over to World War II mode? If not, what other exciting things will be coming for our legendary players?

Just as you can currently put any 2D Commander into any vehicle from any nation, you’ll be able to put a 3D Commander into your favorite legendary/World War II vehicle. There are no barriers or limitations in that regard at all. You can actually put either 2D or 3D Commanders into either type of vehicle.

While working on 3D Commanders, what did you have fun with in particular, and what were the challenges?

It was really exciting to develop the Commander system even further to make it integral to the experience.

A fun note is when you are the top player in the game, everyone gets to see your Commander celebrating the win. You see your friends in your platoon, and you see their characters right there alongside yours. It becomes a much more meaningful experience.

Making these changes to the Commander system felt continuous and natural. We were trying to give players a new experience that provided so much more without losing anything in translation. That was a challenge, but it was a fun challenge. I hope people find we were successful.

And I want to emphasize that the challenge isn’t over. You’re going to see continual improvements and evolution going forward. You’re going to see new Commanders, new Skills, Skill improvements, exciting new ways to interact with your Commanders in the future… it’s a feature that we plan to invest in for a long time.

Please note that once the next update goes live on April 27th, only 3D Commanders will be available via the recruiting reel in game for both WWII mode and Cold War Mode. Select 2D Commanders may be available in tank and Commander bundles as well as via Key Cards and Challenges.  If you want any 2D Commanders in the current reel, now is the time to grab them!

3D Commanders will be coming your way! Got questions? Let us know in the forums!


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