Console Community: Interview with MASHMAN 90!

May 27, 2020

Learn more about one of the players who make the WoTC community awesome!

Commanders! Behind every tank, you’ll find a Commander who’s determined to fight hard, win big, and kick ass in battle. Only the best tankers will go the extra mile to make game experience terrific for other players on the battlefield, too.

Today’s Console Community interview features one of our Forum Ambassadors. You may know MASHMAN 90 from his Future Vehicles forum thread… or you may have taken fire from his Inferno’s punishing gun in game. He might be quiet in game chat, but don’t let that fool you, as he’s got plenty of tips and opinions on tanks to share in our online communities!

Which 5 tanks are the best in MASHMAN 90’s book? Which tanks would he mash together to make his mega dream tank? What does he think new players should do early on to dominate later in the game? Get these answers and more in our interview below!

 Tell us about yourself!

My real name is James Penrose but Online I have a variety of nicknames such as Dgeneratio which came from WWE Faction, D-Generation X, Mashman which me and Brother shared a profile on Xbox 360, I now have my own Xbox Profile called Dialga which is inspired by Primal Dialga from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I turn 32 in November and I live in England based in South Yorkshire. Mostly stay indoors playing video games and chat with others online.

What is your console of choice?

Xbox, I grew up on a PlayStation 1 and 2 playing on games such as SSX (Original), Bugs Bunny Lost in Time, Wacky Races and Final Fantasy, Pokemon Series on Gameboy Advance, SP and Nintendo DS + Gamecube (I stopped after that), We bought an Original Xbox, Played Fable and moved to an Xbox 360 and eventually an Xbox One.

So, when did you start playing World of Tanks?

Around 6 months after the game was released. My friend Stevie Wonder (not the celebrity) got me into it and I wanted a T32 as he had one and we were camping on Mines (I was a Newbie back then in my M6), After two years, I looked up tanks on YouTube and learned some tricks from Mighty Jingles and Quickybaby. On Console, Cpl Derren (WOTC Academy) does some nice videos which people can learn from. Check him out! My First Tier 10 was the T110E3 which may surprise a lot of people.

What do you like the most about the World of Tanks Valor community?

I like chatting with others and Twitter/Discord is a good place for that. Made lots of new friends and we help each other by sharing News and good accomplishments etc.

You are a member of the World of Tanks: Valor Ambassadors.  What got you interested in joining the program?

I like to help others and for a number of years, I’ve shared news about the game. What made me partly notorious was my Future Vehicles Thread on the Forums (under Russian Vehicles) where I share new lines PC fetch out and the XP required. It’s also landed me in trouble when I got the Object 430 wrong as Console kept it as a Tier X but water under the bridge, LOL! I encourage players to grind as early as possible to prevent stress later. Been in the Program for over a Year as Acidfiend suggested me to become an Ambassador and within a week, I was accepted. Now theirs openings sometimes which you need to apply but a nice group of people who help in their own way.

MASHMAN90's logo

What piece of advice would you give to new tankers?

Watch Cpl Derren (WOTC Academy) for general tips and The Turkey Tank (For Light Tank Tips) as soon as possible, Watch YouTube Videos and Streams etc. I was a Newbie for 2 years before I started learning how to play. My main tip would be, don’t rush up the Tiers, it’s not a Race to reach Tier X first. Garage Slots and Silver are a precious resource in the early going. Also, play War Stories to get Free Crews with the Sixth Sense perk and other goodies.

Can you share a secret tank strategy?

Map Awareness helps in winning games. You need to be looking at it at least half the time. Also, you can switch the Compass, which is designed for close quarters, for a square grid that covers the entirety of the map. Holding Back/Select switches the map in an instant, give it a try!

What is your favorite World of Tanks: Valor gaming snack?

Chocolate Digestives when I go to Shop with Brother and it’s on sale. However, I’d settle for a nice Aero/Dairy Milk or Aero Chocolate Bar with a Creamy Hot Chocolate.

Favorite 5 tanks in game, and why?

Grille 15/Shaska – Grille 15 has no armour but has a good gun, quite accurate, has great speed to get out of bad situations, Shaska has lower alpha than Grille but offers double the concealment

UDES 03 – Sneakiest Tank Destroyer in the game and can compete with Light Tanks, has a high skill cap but once mastered when you can fire, it will be rewarding

Inferno – Can be inaccurate but it packs a punch like the Defender, The Turret can bounce quite a bit if played right and looks scary

Barracuda – Reload is quite long but has nice turret armour, good aim time and nice alpha of 360 Damage

Ragnarok – Last of the lot is the Ragnarok, has a great Silver Bonus of 75%, put a Silver Booster on that bad boy and watch the cash flow. Also has a powerful autoloader and mobility

Back in the Old Days my favourites used to be tanks such as the Churchill 3, T95, Revalorise and Tiger Hammer. On my Alt, I’m enjoying the Nashorn and the SU-152 at the moment.

If you could relocate to one of our World of Tanks: Valor Maps, which one would you choose?

I’ll pick Fishermans Bay so my Dad and Brother can Fish. I’m not into that though. I’m more interested in a Swimming Pool, my Mum likes Beaches so probably Caen 1944 for her.

Do you play other Wargaming titles?

Sure do!  I play World of Warships: Legends as Jingles got me into it. Mum and Dad bought me a laptop so I could play PC Warships but turns out, I don’t like M+K.  Then Warships: Legends came along and I got into the 2nd wave of Alpha Testers. I still play and alternate between Tanks + Ships. Been more Tanks lately due to grinding Valor + Stockade Op while still doing videos for YouTube.

If other tankers wanted to reach out to you for platooning or just tank conversations, where can they find you?

I’m more of a Solo Player than a Platooner as I’m shy and don’t like to talk but if you want to voice chat, I can be found on Discord, Twitter or the World of Tanks: Valor Forums.

If you could combined 3 tanks to make your dream tank, which ones would you choose?

I’ve always wanted a Tier VIII-X Mercenary Tank Destroyer, and I liked the Skorpion G so I’d pick a Panther Hull (Paper Armour), Charioteer Turret so a slow turret traverse (T67/Hellcat 105 drivers should know how it feels) and Charioteer Gun (Because British HESH is fun and 260 odd pen is great), Same Speed and Camo as the Skorpion G so a British Charion. I did think about the Skorpion G gun but the Draugen is fun and Charioteer has a better gun with decent pen difference so don’t have to just fire HESH.

Anyone you want to give a shoutout to?

Markyjmeech and WESTW33ZY for all the support they’ve shown me, Also Zenozatch, CrypticXeno13 who are 2 of my close friends and Spartan Elite43 for the entertainment on his channel. Too many people to name though, made a lot of new friends!

Anything you want to tell the community before the interview ends?

Stay Safe and WG been knocking out of the park with Earn Ops such as STG, Obj 244, SU-130 PM, Kpz 50 T, T95E6 and the 703 Stockade Normal Autoloader. Could be more Tank Balances per fortnight to get through them faster but I like the direction in which the game is going, Keep up the good work. Thanks for the interview, Had to think about some of the answers lol. Feel free to have a chat if you see me on Twitter etc.

Thanks so much for joining us for this talk, MASHMAN 90!

Keep an eye out for more interviews in the future. We’ve got a whole community full of tankers with tons of hard-earned knowledge and tales of victory to share!

Until next time… roll out, Commander!