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Lucky Crew Chests!

March 3, 2020

Open one to get an Exclusive Crew, Gold, Free Xp, and a chance at a Premium Tank!


11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

Lucky Crew Chests

With every Lucky Crew Chest, you are guaranteed to receive 1 Premium Lucky Crew (with up to 3 skills), Gold, and Free XP! You can even get your skilled crew with a Tier VIII or Tier X Premium Tank! 

The Lucky Crew Chests also have a lower chance of giving you a duplicate crew. Check out the table at the bottom of the article for more information on the Crews and their Nations!

Possible Tanks in the Lucky Crew Chests:

  • Chinese Tier VIII King Dragon Type 59 Medium Tank
  • Polish Tier VIII 50TP prototyp Heavy Tank
  • British Tier VIII HMH Huntsman Centurion Medium Tank
  • French Tier VIII HMH M51 Super Sherman Medium Tank
  • American Tier VIII M41B Brazilian Bulldog Light Tank
  • Japanese Tier VIII Senshi STA-2 Medium Tank
  • German Tier X VK 72.01 (K) Heavy Tank
Lucky Crew Chests

Packed with awesome Premium content, the Lucky Crew Chests may contain:

  • Base Lucky Crew (with 1 skill) + 500 star + 25 Goldcoingold (59 % drop rate)
  • Rare Lucky Crew (with 2 skills) + 1,000star + 50 Goldcoingold (30% drop rate)
  • Epic Lucky Crew (with 3 skills) + 1,500star+ 75 Goldcoingold (10% drop rate)
  • Epic Lucky Crew (with 3 skills) + Premium Tank (1% drop rate)

Lucky Crew Chests are available in bundles of 1 Lucky Crew Chest ($1.49), 4 Lucky Crew Chests ($5.99), 10 Lucky Crew Chests + 1 bonus Lucky Crew Chest ($14.99), and 25 Lucky Crew Chests + 5 bonus Lucky Crew Chests ($36.99).

Please note that Lucky Crew Chests cannot be refunded. If you get a Premium Tank you already own, you will receive the Gold value of that tank at the time of opening refunded to your World of Tanks: Mercenaries account.

Anniversary War Chests

Note: The content of the chests includes seasonal content which is subject to change. We advise you to open your chests at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table.

Prices are displayed in USD. For pricing details for your region, please visit the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Microsoft Store. Availability may vary by platform and region.

Crew Name Nation
Mad Banshee   UK
Leprechaun (Male)   USA
Leprechaun (Female)   UK
Leprechaun (scary)   USA
Grogoch   USSR
Cluricaune   UK
Dullahan   USA
Pooka   UK
Pooka (Dog)   Japan
Pooka (Horse)   USA
Pooka (Goat)   China
Pooka (Rabbit)   France
Merrow   China
Sluagh   UK
Far Darrig   USSR
Aes Sidhe   French
Abhartach   French
Fear Gorta   UK
Leanan sídhe   Italy
Fomorian (Male)  Sweden
Fomorian (Female) Sweden
Fomorian Male (monstrous) Sweden
Caoránach  UK
Ellén Trechend  Japan
Glas Gaibhnenn  Czech
Crom Cruach  Germany
Oilliphéist  Japan
Fairy Queen  Poland
Cat Sidhe  Germany
Bánánach  USSR
Pig-faced Woman  France
Énbarr of Manannán  Germany
Generic Troll – U.S.  USA
Generic Troll – Germany  Germany
Generic Troll – U.K. UK
Generic Troll – U.S.S.R. USSR
Generic Troll – France France
Generic Troll – Japan Japan
Generic Troll – China China
Generic Troll – Czechoslovakia Czech
Generic Troll – Sweden Sweden
Generic Troll – Poland Poland
Generic Troll – Italy Italy
Generic Troll – Ireland UK
St. Patrick UK