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March 16, 2021

Don’t miss out on awesome content! Enjoy a surprise with these themed Cards!

16 MAR
11:01UTC Time
9:59UTC Time

Assign a themed Commander to your favorite vehicles in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!

With every Lucky Key Card, you’re guaranteed to receive one Lucky Commander, Gold, and Free XP! You can even get your Commanders with a Tier VIII or Tier X Premium Tank!

NOTE: Every Lucky Key Card contains groups of items that are at least the same value as the cost of the Card itself.

Lucky Key Cards Drop Rates

Packed with awesome Premium content, your Lucky Key Cards may contain:

  • Lucky Commander + 500 Free XP + 100 Gold (69 % drop rate)
  • Lucky Commander + 1,000 Free XP + 200 Gold (20% drop rate)
  • Lucky Commander + 1,500 Free XP + 300 Gold (10% drop rate)
  • Lucky Commander + Premium Tank (1% drop rate)

Lucky Key Cards are available in bundles of 1 Lucky Key Card ($1.49), 4 Lucky Key Cards ($5.99), 10 Lucky Key Card + 1 bonus Lucky Key Card ($14.99), and 25 Lucky Key Cards + 5 bonus Key Lucky Cards ($36.99).

You can find more information on the Commanders in the table below.

Mad Banshee
Leprechaun (male)
Leprechaun (female)
Leprechaun (scary)
Pooka (Shapeshift Dog)
Pooka (Shapeshift Horse)
Pooka (Shapeshift Goat)
Pooka (Shapeshift Rabbit)
Far Darrig
Aes Sidhe
Fear Gorta
Leanan sídhe
Fomorian (Male)
Fomorian (Female)
Fomorian Male (monstrous)
Ellén Trechend
Glas Gaibhnenn
Crom Cruach
Fairy Queen (Titania/Mab/Oona)
Cat Sidhe
Pig-faced Woman
Énbarr of Manannán
Generic Troll – U.S.
Generic Troll – Germany
Generic Troll – U.K.
Generic Troll – U.S.S.R.
Generic Troll – France
Generic Troll – Japan
Generic Troll – China
Generic Troll – Czechoslovakia
Generic Troll – Sweden
Generic Troll – Poland
Generic Troll – Italy
Generic Troll – Ireland
St. Patrick

Note: The content of the Cards includes seasonal content that is subject to change. We advise you to use your Cards at the time of purchase to receive content from the current drop table.

Prices are displayed in USD. For pricing details for your region, please visit the in-game Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Microsoft Store. Availability may vary by platform and region. The Lucky Key Cards are non-refundable.