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Let’s Talk About Tanks—WZ-132-1 Edition

June 15, 2020

Let's shed some light on the WZ-132-1!

Hey, everyone!

My name is Jeff Gregg, and I am the Lead Designer of World of Tanks Valor. Welcome back to “Let’s Talk About Tanks”!

The goal is to highlight specific tanks, one at a time, and really dig down into what makes them tick, how they are being used, and which approaches may be taken to improve them if necessary.

This article focuses on the WZ-132-1! Let’s get started.



Revert the 4.6 nerf to the gun’s reload time: 12.2 s → 10.7 s

We need to monitor this is a change as, statistically, the tank seems to perform fine in terms of its win/loss rate, but is suffering at all skill levels. We will see if this change makes the tank better or OP (and if it changes/increases its usage).

The above changes will take effect on June 16.

Win Rate

Before the 4.6 Nerf was just over 52% on average.

The current Win Rate is just under 51%.

Current Win Rate by skill level:


Before the 4.6 Nerf its average damage was 1,650.

The current average damage is 1,400.

We will continue to monitor this tank, and once it has at least 5,000 more battles, we will look again. When we have that amount of info, we will report back here on what the results were and (if necessary) what the next steps will be.

If you have feedback about this process or have further questions, reach out! Stay tuned here for the results of the test and for info about the next tank we will focus on.

See you on the battlefield!

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