Let’s Talk About Tanks—TVP T 50/51 UPDATE

June 11, 2020

Let`s check how the changes influenced game balance.

Hey, everyone!

My name is Jeff Gregg, and I am the Lead Designer of World of Tanks Valor. Welcome back to “Let’s Talk About Tanks!”

As a reminder, the goal was to highlight specific tanks, one at a time, and really dig down into what makes them tick, how they are being used, and which approaches may be taken to improve them if necessary.

Let’s see how our changes to the TVP T 50/51 have impacted the game.

What we did

As a reminder, the following changes were made to this tank:

  • Reverted our nerf to the TVP T 50/51’s gun that was implemented in 4.6 to bring its reload rate back to 28 (it is currently at 31).


Let’s take a look at what occurred.

All data below is from Random Battles between May 6 (first full day) and May 26.

Here is a breakdown of what we saw:

  • Avg Win Rate: 51.48%
    • Up from ~49%
    • Matches Machine’s previous ~51%
    • Slightly above Machine’s ~50% now

  • Avg Survival: 26.62%
    • Up from previous ~25%
    • Slightly above Machine’s 25.37%

  • Damage per battle: 1,918
    • Up from 1,700
    • In line with Machine’s current 1,900

  • Win rate after the change (cross-referenced with skill) which is better than before:

Action Items and Next Steps

For now, we are going to keep watching and make no further changes. I am a bit worried that its win rate will keep creeping up, but I want to make sure that’s the case, not just assume it.

Thanks, and see you on the battlefield!

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