Let’s talk about tanks—Chisel UPDATE

Let’s talk about tanks—Chisel UPDATE

July 9, 2020

Let's see how our changes to the Chisel impacted the game.

Hey everyone!

My name is Jeff Gregg, and I am the Lead Designer on World of Tanks Valor.

Welcome back to “Let’s talk about tanks! Chisel edition”.

As a reminder, the goal was to highlight specific tanks, one at a time, and really dig down into what makes them tick, how they are being used, and how approaches may be taken to improve them if necessary.

Let’s see how our changes to the Chisel impacted the game.

Chisel – 1
Chisel – 1
Chisel 3
Chisel 3
Chisel 2
Chisel 2
Chisel 4
Chisel 4

What we did

As a reminder: the following was done to this tank:

  • Reduce the view range from 420 to 400 to try to counter the unusually high spotting/radio assist damage
  • Increase the reload from 9 to 9.5 to lower the DPM and average damage per battle
    • DPM: 2,666 → 2,528

Action Items and Next Steps

We need to let this tank battle it out more and continue to monitor. To be honest, the # of shells fired downrange being identical combined with no real move in other statistics COULD indicate we need to further edit this vehicle, but we want to make sure of that before reacting.

We will continue to watch this tank and report back once we get a larger sample size of information.


Let’s take a look at what occurred.

All data from below is from Random Battle from May 20th till June 17th

Battles: 58,400

  • The usage of this tank was lower after the change. The same decrease is observed for all Tier X Mediums due to current game events that encouraged players to use other vehicles, so the lower number isn’t a serious concern.
  • ~ 2,000 battles a day (down from ~ 7,600 a day)


Win Rate by Skill

  • This is interesting. The win rate cross-referenced by skill dropped for all skills by ~ 0.5% which could indicate that the change is in the right direction (but the change is small enough we are not 100% sure on this)



Damage Per Battle: 2,137

  • Damage is (interestingly) up from previous. About 5% more damage per battle on average.

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