Let’s Talk About Tanks – Chisel Edition

Let’s Talk About Tanks – Chisel Edition

May 18, 2020

Is the Chisel made of hardened or mild steel?

Hey, everyone!

My name is Jeff Gregg, and I am the Lead Designer of World of Tanks: Valor!

Welcome to “Let’s Talk About Tanks!”

The goal is to highlight specific tanks, one at a time, and really dig down into what makes them tick, how they are being used, and which approaches may be taken to improve them if necessary.

This article is focused on the Chisel. Let’s get started!


We see that players of all skill levels use this tank, but higher skill players are a bit more likely to take this into battle.

The Chisel is near the top of the Tier X grouping for damage.

The Chisel’s spotting & relaying info (assist damage) is almost the best of the Tier X non-lights/scouts.

Based on this, we plan to do the following:

  • Reduce the view range from 420 to 400 m to try to counter the unusually high spotting/radio assist damage.
  • Increase the reload time from 9 to 9.5 s to lower the DPM and average damage per battle.

The above changes will take effect tomorrow, May 19, with the server restart.

Popularity and Win Rate

The Chisel is really interesting in this regard. It is significantly more attractive to skilled players, who tend to use this tank more commonly. We need to dig more into why this tank performs so well, but the skill of its users definitely influences the tank’s stats.

Let’s look at the tank’s win/loss rate compared to skill. In the below picture, we see two lines—one that represents the entire population’s win/loss rate and another that represents this tank’s win/loss rate.

The Chisel performs better for all players at all skill levels. See the blue line above the grey line? The blue line is the Chisel, and the grey line is all Tier X tanks. This shows that, even though the Chisel is being used by higher skilled players in general, it benefits any player that has it and uses it in battle.

Damage and Assist Damage

Damage per battle is a good indicator of performance. The Chisel is near the top of the Tier X grouping, suggesting that it shoots lots of those penning, low damage shells quite a bit (cumulative damage for all attacks in a battle):

Let’s take a look at this vehicle’s spotting and assist capability.

Radio Damage: This is damage that is caused by other allied tanks due to the Chisel’s spotting & relaying info (assist damage). It’s almost the best Tier X non-light/scout.

While this doesn’t land the Chisel more kills, it does help explain why having a Chisel on your team will help you win more often.

In order to measure the impact of these changes once they are committed, we need at least 5,000 battles in the tank to have enough data. Once we have that amount of info, we will report back here on what the results were and (if necessary) what the next steps will be.

If you have feedback about this process or have further questions, reach out!

See you on the battlefield!

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