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Let’s talk about tanks—AMX 50 B UPDATE

July 9, 2020

Let's see how our changes to the AMX 50 B impacted the game.

Hey everyone!

My name is Jeff Gregg, and I am the Lead Designer on World of Tanks Valor. Welcome back to “Let’s talk about tanks! AMX 50 B edition”.

As a reminder, the goal was to highlight specific tanks, one at a time, and really dig down into what makes them tick, how they are being used, and how approaches may be taken to improve them if necessary.

Let’s see how our changes to the AMX 50 B impacted the game.

AMX 50 B – 1
AMX 50 B – 1
AMX 50 B – 2
AMX 50 B – 2
AMX 50 B – 3
AMX 50 B – 3
AMX 50 B – 4
AMX 50 B – 4

What we did

Reclassify the AMX 50 B as a Medium Tank as well as the AMX 50 100 and AMX 50 120.

  • It is true this tank was a Heavy tank when under development
  • Their stats, performance, and play style lend themselves to the Medium class in our game.
  • Also:
    • “The AMX 50, as originally planned, would have been a medium rather than a heavy tank, France being the first of the tank-producing nations to abandon the heavy tank class.”

Action Items and Next Steps

This tank received a re-classification, which brought higher skilled players in to check it out.

These skilled players raised the tank’s win rate, damage output, survival, and blocking. Which is really cool to see as the change to Medium in and of itself didn’t alter the tank’s stats.

We will continue to watch this tank to see if anything new develops, but as for now, there will be no further changes.


Let’s take a look at what occurred.

All data from below is from Random Battle from May 20th till June 17th

Win Rate: 53.03%

  • 50.62% initial analysis.
  • Increase of ~2.5%

Win Rate by Skill: Mostly the same popularity with a slight climb.



Popularity: Strong shift to the more skilled players (perhaps more reasonable to say players of lower skill used the tank less). This is the best explanation for the increase in the win and other stats.



Damage: 2,191

  • 2,049 per battle initial analysis
  • increase of ~ 7% damage compared to previous


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