Console Community: Interview with l3m0nh3ad!

June 10, 2020

Get to know one of the WoTC Reddit moderators and a core member of the tankers’ community!

Commanders! No matter which platform you play on, you’ll find a strong community at the center of World of Tanks. That community exists both on the gaming battlefield and off.

Today’s Console Community interview shines the spotlight on one of the moderators responsible for wrangling the users on the World of Tanks Console subreddit. If you’ve ever seen l3m0nh3ad’s “WoT Happened” posts, you know he enjoys a good laugh as well as a show of pure amazing luck. And if you haven’t seen them… well, you’re missing out on some fun.

Which tanks does l3m0nh3ad place in his Top 5? How does someone end up managing a Reddit community, anyway? And what does l3m0nh3ad want new players to know about this game?

Get all these answers and more below!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m Steve from Stoke-on-Trent in England. I’m 36 and I’m married to my wife 13 years now and I have 10 and 7-year-old sons. I’ve been a console gamer all my life and I started playing WoT Console in August 2015 when my friend told me he was playing it and wanted a platoon buddy.

How often do you play World of Tanks: Valor?

I usually play every day but that varies depending on household responsibilities and children! At least several times a week but only when the kids are asleep and I get time to myself. I’m at roughly 20 thousand battles now.

Give us your top 5 tanks! GO!

My favourite is the Cromwell, specifically my Knight. God Save The Queen!

Second is the Inferno Chimera. A tank with a turret capable of dealing with tier 10s and that 5-inch naval gun slaps people hard.

Third is the AMX 13 57 as the rate of fire is hilarious fun for an autoloading tank.

Fourth is the M48 Patton. All-around awesome medium.

Fifth is the Conqueror. Tier for tier probably the best all-around heavy there is barring the T29.

Do you play by yourself or do you play with other tankers online?

I mostly play in a platoon of 1 or 2 other mates. I have played plenty of solo but the majority of this game is social for me and the fun comes from working together.

Out of all the World of Tanks: Valor in-game events, which one has been your favorite?

Earning the Motherland was pretty cool because it was the first really big earn op to get a tier 8 premium vehicle for free so I’ll always remember that. My favourite event by far is the combo of +1/-1 events with loaded dice. I prefer zero penetration RNG so I know exactly what I can and cannot do in the game with my gun.

Now, you are lord and keeper of the World of Tanks: Valor Reddit lands!  Tell us the story. How did that come about?!

Shortly after I had started the game and platooning with my buddy I wanted to learn how to improve. It took me several hundred games to even know you could zoom in on sniper mode! So I headed to YouTube and Reddit as my go to resources for learning a game. The Reddit community was super useful teaching me how to side scrape and angle etc. Eventually I started to write guides for them and was invited to moderate. Once on board I produced more content and the guy who created the sub was sufficiently impressed and handed it over to me to run. I think I’ve been doing this for 4 years now and I love engaging with our community with videos, contests and help. I would also like to thank WG’s collaboration and involvement in supporting us with prizes and cooperation.

What do you enjoy the most about the Reddit community?

I think it’s what started it all for me, that resource of help. You come to Reddit if you want to improve your game and learn usually. The best people to teach you the game are those who have already improved themselves and the cycle of tutoring goes around. I enjoy seeing new people come and read the content the veterans have written and improve their game. And it’s a really great place for said veterans to hang around and discuss the game and stop the spread of misinformation or bad advice.

How did the Reddit “WoT Happened” series began?

A moderator prior to me had a YouTube series called Murphy Law of Tanks and when he left Reddit I asked him if I could take over the series. I needed a new name and asked the community. “WoT Happened” was the best play on words they suggested so I went with that. Now every month Reddit submits their most crazy, interesting and funny clips to make the top ten videos for that month.

World of Tanks: Valor is EPIC, and seeing tanks in real life is legendary.  You attended TankFest in the past!  What was the experience was like?

Before starting WoT I had no interest in tanks. 5 years later on and I love the game and as a consequence have become fascinated by the real things. When WG offered me the chance to join them at TankFest in 2019 it was an offer I could not refuse. This was my first time seeing tanks up close and it’s an amazing museum with a huge collection. It was great to meet some of WG’s staff and the whole experience was unique. So much so I have rebooked tickets for this year’s TankFest too!

What advice would you give to new tankers wanting to play World of Tanks: Valor?

Stick with the game. You will not pick it up and instantly master it. Come to Reddit or go to YouTube and watch some great tankers like The Turkey Tank. It’s a simple game to play but a tough one to master. There are tons of tips and tricks you won’t get if you don’t want to learn. If you can grasp the mechanics, it’s a fantastic and very unique game that you won’t get bored of easily and rewards your investment. Also, if you want your grinds to go faster premium time is invaluable. It will help with your economy of both XP and silver, which you will always need.

Can you share something the community doesn’t know about you, outside of World of Tanks: Valor?

I eat, sleep and breathe football (the type you play with your feet!) and I support my local team Stoke City where I have a season ticket with my son. My favourite foods are Chinese and Indian curries, ones with a bit of a kick preferably! By day I’m a research and development Chemist.

If others wanted to contact you to play, where can they find you?

Give your tank friends a shout-out!

My friends I play with most of the time are Mystic X Block and Angelic Foxy and my clan mate Khor Yserion.

Anything else you want to share with the World of Tanks: Valor community?

Keep being an awesome community that has made my tanks experience so much better due to the varying fascinating people I’ve met along the way on the Internet. Come join us on Reddit if you haven’t where you can win tanks and premium time for contests and video entries and where you can “git gud”.  Shout-out to our clan The Immortals too.

Thanks for being so involved and for taking the time to talk with us, l3m0nh3ad!

We’ve got so many more members of the community to feature (and so many people’s favorite tanks to talk about)! Keep an eye out for the next interview with a player we’re proud to count among our ranks. You never know who you’ll learn more about!

Until next time… roll out, Commander!