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New Challenge: Celebrate the International Day of Peace!

September 20, 2021

Earn twice the Silver and a themed Emblem in honor of this historic day.

21 SEP
10:01UTC Time
28 SEP
8:59UTC Time

Established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Peace is observed worldwide on September 21st.

In honor of this special date, earn a celebratory Emblem and twice the Silver by placing among the top seven XP earners on both teams in a multiplayer battle in any mode. You can complete this Challenge up to two times per day while the event is live.

Check out all the details in the table below!

Extend the Olive Branch

Goals Rewards Restrictions
  • Place in the top 7 XP earners on both teams in a battle
  • International Peace Day Emblem (2)
  • X2 Silver Bonus
  • World War II: Available to Tiers V – X
  • Cold War: Available to all Eras
  • Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
  • Available twice per day