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Learn more on how to get the main tank of the Objective 2019 – The Object 279 (e)

August 23, 2019

This is why you should be playing the game right now!


Everyone has their own reasons to focus on the Objective 2019 – exclusive tanks, tons of Gold, Silver, Premium Time and much more! But here’s biggest one:

Preparing to storm into the World of Tanks atop its powerful four tracks, the Object 279 (e) is the latest example of what raw Soviet Power looks like!

Sloped armor, a massive gun and a big fat hull carrying tons of ammo this tank is a highly mobile wrecking ball, ready to destroy your opponents in the blink of an eye!


Now here’s the catch: The Object 279 (e) isn’t such a big deal for nothing. This Soviet beast is worth the effort it takes to get and the best part is: you’ve probably already earned a discount for it or you’re earning one right now!

That’s right, depending on your performance throughout the year’s Objective 2019, you might very well be on your way to securing this coveted Premium Prize already!

Here’s how it works:

  • In the Objective 2019, there are a total of 12 phases. You should complete at least one phase (Alpha/Bravo/Charlie) in any campaign (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn Games) to be eligible to purchase the Object 279 (e). If you didn’t complete any phase you will not even be able to buy this tank. Luckily you still have enough time to start today!
  • Every phase completed earns you a 10% discount (up to 100%)! If you missed two, don’t worry you can still get the Tank for FREE.
  • The discount is dependent on how many phases you completed. If you completed 7 phases, for example, you are eligible for a 70% discount.

Simply put: 12 phases per year, each with a 10% discount. You need to complete only 10 phases to get the tank for FREE. If you complete 11-12 phases, you can get additional prizes. Bottom line: don’t slow down!

To ride the Object 279 (e) into battle is not just intimidating, it’s exactly like respect: you’ve earned it and now others recognize it.