Community Replay: Hot Wheels™ Videos!

Community Replay: Hot Wheels™ Videos!

October 1, 2020

These videos feature tankers around globe showing off their skills in World of Tanks: Hot Wheels™ vehicles. Check out their incredible battlefield moves!

The World of Tanks Console Community is home to some seriously impressive tanking skills. Want to watch players who know how to deal damage, execute impressive maneuvers, and lead a team to victory? Head out to the console battlefield!

The all-new World of Tanks: Hot Wheels™ season has given tankers everywhere another chance to shine. The season’s exclusive tanks, based on the vibrant designs of Hot Wheels™ vehicles, provide plenty of flair for any tanker who takes them out for a spin!

Today we’re showcasing our favorite videos of tank commanders doing what they do best in Hot Wheels™ tanks. Take a look!

Fast Track Spähpanzer – from cmotgareth


Bone ShakerTM TS-5 – from ceassare


Rodger DodgerTM E 75 TS – from MarciniR


Tiger Shark Spähpanzer – from Patrick Murphy


Trail Blazer Spähpanzer – from Petty360


Rip RodTM Spähpanzer – from XYerichoX

Extra Replay!

These tanks aren’t Hot Wheels™ vehicles, but these videos are so much fun, we just had to share them!

M48 Patton – from Vishaw


T110E4 – from FBPrime


SU-130PM – from Sentience PSN


FCM 50 t – from Eating Cheese571

We can’t wait to see and share even more videos of tank commanders dominating the battlefield. Roll out!

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