The Great Tank Pursuit: Earn THREE Mega Tanks!

February 8, 2021

Complete the daily goals in The Great Tank Pursuit to earn major rewards, including three epic tanks!

11:01UTC Time
27 APR
8:59UTC Time

For those of you who brave the battlefield day after day, we don’t just salute you. To celebrate World of Tanks Console’s 7th anniversary, we’re launching one of our most rewarding events ever, featuring a unique opportunity for you to earn a highly coveted Tier X Premium tank!

Get ready to be rewarded for your perseverance. It’s The Great Tank Pursuit!

Goals and Rewards

How many days can you log in and complete a challenge? That’s what The Great Tank Pursuit will test!

Every day you play, you’ll be able to complete the daily goal shown below. This event resets daily, meaning that each day brings you a new chance to achieve the goal and receive a random reward!

You’ll find the daily goal for The Great Tank Pursuit listed under Daily Battles in the Ops section of the Seasons tab.

What can you earn? Take a look!

The Great Tank Pursuit

Goals Rewards Restrictions
Daily Battles
Earn 250 XP or more in 3 battlesOne reward received randomly from the following list:
  • Standard Consumables Bundle: Repair Kit (5), Med Kit (5), Fire Suppressor Kit (5)
  • 50,000 Silver
  • Enhanced Rations (2)
  • Premium Account – 1 Day
  • Joker Emblem Voucher
  • Student Driver Emblem Voucher
  • Googly Eye Emblem Voucher
  • Freedom Emblem Voucher
  • Multiplayer only
  • Available once per day
  • Resets Daily

But that’s not all! You’ll earn additional rewards based on how many times you complete the daily goal. The more days you complete, the bigger and better your rewards!

We mean it when we say the rewards are big. Are you ready to earn three awe-inspiring tanks? Then check out the chart below!



Day 10 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 10 times

Confidential Key Card (1)

Day 15 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 15 times

“Battle Tank” Commander (Regular)

Day 20 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 20 times

Classified Key Card (1)

Day 25 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 25 times

Premium Skin for the TVP T 50/51


Day 30 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 30 times

Top Secret Key Card (1)

Day 35 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 35 times

Premium Skin for the Super Conqueror


Day 40 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 40 times

American Tier VIII T92 Light Tank

Vehicle Slot

Day 50 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 50 times

Soviet Tier VIII IS-6 Heavy Tank

Vehicle Slot

Day 70 Reward

Complete Daily Battles 70 times

American Tier X M60 Medium Tank

Vehicle Slot


Multiplayer only

Each reward available once per account

Please note:

  • If you earn a Premium Skin that you already own, you will be credited 800,000 Silver instead.
  • If you earn a tank that you already own, you will be credited the vehicle’s cost in Silver instead:
    • T92: 2,600,000 Silver
    • IS-6: 4,720,000 Silver
    • M60: 9,000,000 Silver
  • Progress will be awarded based on the number of times you complete the daily goal. The daily goal does not have to be completed on consecutive days!

Fulfill all the challenge requirements of The Great Tank Pursuit to earn all three tanks and every reward!

The hunt is on. Don’t let your chance at these tanks and all the other rewards out of your sight! Pursue greatness, Commander—the battle is yours!