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War of Clans: Cross-Platform Battles on the Global Map!

October 25, 2021

A prize pool of three million Gold is waiting in the upcoming Global Map campaign! Get all the details below.

What Is the Global Map event?

The Global Map is a unique in-game space where Clans battle for dominance. Are you ready to find out which Clan will conquer the most territories and get the biggest chunk of Gold?

The Global Map event comes straight from the Community Team.

The main objective for Clans during the Global Map event is to capture as many towns as possible and hold them for as long as possible. The more successful your Clan is, the more Gold you earn.

Unlike the last campaign, the upcoming Global Map event will include cross-platform functionalityXbox and PlayStation Clans will clash together on the same map to find out which is the best! And there are other differences from the previous event:

  • Global Map size: 50×50 squares.
  • Reduced number of towns.
  • Increased profit from each town by 2–3 times!
  • Total budget: 3,000,000 gold (instead of 2,000,000 in the previous campaign).

Use strategy, tactics, or diplomacy—all’s fair in the War of Clans, as long as you don’t break the rules!

Important to Know:


  1. The campaign starts on November 1st at 00:01 MSK (03:01 UTC).
  2. The duration of the campaign is six weeks. End date: December 11th at 21:01 UTC.
  3. The day the campaign starts, another article will be published with a link to the Global Map website, as well as to the rules and map itself. You will need to log in on the website using your account—it’s safe.
  4. The day the campaign starts, a video tutorial will also be available to help you understand the Global Map interface and explain the main rules.

About the Campaign

The campaign consists of two phases: Tactical (when you move your tokens across the map) and Battle (when battles take place).

The battle start time is indicated in the object parameters shown for your time zone.

  • Tactical phase—Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Battle phase—Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    • Important for USA residents: battles for objects located in the USA-West and USA-East zones will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings (local time).

All battles take place in the Custom Games mode— where the Clans themselves will create rooms to join.

To make it more convenient for all clans, we divided the Global Map into five time zones:

  • CIS
  • Europe
  • North America (East)
  • North America (West)
  • Asia

Clans can choose the zone they will play in.

Important Information for Clans

To participate in the Global Map event, a clan must have at least seven active players. For solid results, we recommend targeting between 35–40 active players.

IMPORTANT: Only the Clan commander can register the clan for the Global Map event. However, both the Clan commander and his deputies can move tokens (as well as launch attacks on towns).

If you are the member of a Clan where the commander hasn’t been active for a long time, now is the best time to change your Clan—otherwise you will not be able to participate in the campaign!

In a future campaign, Clans will be able to enter the results of their battles in a table, and moderators will be able to change them (for example, if the Clan makes a mistake). Also, now Clans will be able to cancel the movement of a token during a tactical day (if they made a mistake with an object or time zone, for example).

All interaction between Clans and coordinators takes place exclusively in our Discord channel. Each Clan should have at least one representative on the server.

Rewards and Rankings

In addition to Gold, the five mightiest Clans will get something extra for participating in the War of Clans!

  • 1st place: Unique Desert Camo (x3) + the “Wargaming Approved” Emblem (x3)
  • 2nd place: Unique Desert Camo + the “Wargaming Approved” Emblem
  • 3rd place: Unique Desert Camo
  • 4th-5th place: “Wargaming Approved” Emblem

This is how the Clan ranking is calculated:

  • 1 battle—1 point
  • 1 victory—1 point
  • Each 1,000 Gallons (currency on the Global Map, equivalent to Gold)—1 point

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for a reward, a Clan member must play at least 10 battles on the Global Map while in the Clan.

Still have questions? Ask them in our Discord channel!

See you on the Global Map!