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The War of Clans on the Global Map Has Begun!

November 1, 2021

The main objective for Clans on the Global Map is to capture as many towns as possible and hold them for as long as possible. The more successful you are, the more Gold your Clan earns. The prize pool is 3 million Gold.

The Global Map is a space where Clans battle for objects and resources. Are you ready to find out who will conquer the most territories and get the biggest chunk of Gold? Then let’s battle!

How to Participate in the War of Clans

The Clan Commander (and only the Commander!) should complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Log in with his/her account (it’s safe)
  3. Click JOIN
  4. Click To Map
  5. Select the entry point for the Clan to start its march across the map

IMPORTANT! Choose your entry point wisely, as all objects are divided by battle start time! If you select the wrong time zone, the battles will take place at a very inconvenient time for you.

To make it convenient for all the Clans, we divided the Global Map into five time zones:

  • CIS
  • Europe
  • North America (East)
  • North America (West)
  • Asia

Important to Know

Tokens can be moved by the Clan Commander and all Clan officers.

The battle start time is indicated in the object parameters and shown for your time zone.

  • Tactical phase (movement of tokens)—Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • Battle phase (battles)—Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Important! For residents of the USA, battles for objects located in the North America-West and North America-East zones will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings (local time).
  • Please read the Rules carefully!
  • Additional info – Find all the detailed information about this event on this page!

All battles take place in Custom Games mode—Clans create rooms themselves and join them.

To see the details of objects on the map, use zooming—the larger the scale, the more details you will see.

scaling 2
scaling 2
scaling 1
scaling 1

Feel free to ask any questions in our Discord channel. We remind you that each Clan should have at least one representative on the server.


Good luck, tankers!