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Gift Your Friends a Tank or Premium Account!

January 20, 2020

Send gifts right from your garage!


Commanders! Now you can send your friends gifts without leaving your Garage! Make your war buddies happy with days of Premium Account, Premium vehicles, or Boost Ops!

What can be gifted?

  • Premium Time
  • Bundles with Premium vehicles
  • Bundles from the Specials menu

Note: If a player is gifted a tank they already own, they will receive the value of that tank in Silver. All gifts are non-refundable. 

What cannot be gifted?

  • War Chests
  • Gold
  • Free XP
  • Vehicles from the Premium Tech Tree

How to send a gift?

1. Go to the Store tab.


2. Select one of the following menus: Buy Premium, Vehicles, or Specials.


3. Select the bundle you want to send as a gift.


4. Select “Buy as gift“.


5. Select a friend from the list. Please note: you can only send gifts to players who are added as your friends. Your friend also has to be online.


6. Click “Confirm Purchase“.


7. Gift sent!


The player to whom you’ve sent a gift will receive a notification in their Garage. They will also be able to see who sent the gift in the Log tab.

Let the gifts flow!