Ignite the Battlefield With the Flashpoint Tanks!

March 4, 2021

Claim your place in history with two brand-new vehicles at your command!

11:01UTC Time
27 APR
8:59UTC Time

This is it, Commander. Time to seize the moment and charge toward glory in two new tanks offered exclusively as part of the World of Tanks: Flashpoint season!

Make way for the mighty American Tier VIII T77 Heavy Tank and the Polish Tier VIII CS-52 LIS Medium Tank as they barrel through the channels of history straight to your console!

The tanks below are shown with their exclusive Hero Skins equipped. You can remove them whenever you want and choose the way you look when heading into battle.


Stand back… the beast is unleashed! In history, the T77 was a mid-1950s tank design that drew on elements of both the M48 and T54 vehicles. On the World of Tanks: Flashpoint battlefield, the American Tier VIII T77 Heavy Tank is a vicious three-round autoloading tank in which you won’t be afraid to get up close and tear your enemies to shreds.

Gameplay Tips:

If you want a vehicle that proves how valuable a support heavy tank can be on a team, the T77 is it. This beast was made to excel in close-range combat. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with as you support your team at the front lines and dish out the most damage.

  • The three-round autoloading gun has excellent penetration values and can deal over 1,000 damage in four seconds.
  • Its sloped turret and gun depression will make you a serious threat when you’re fighting from behind small hills and ridges.
  • Work at close range with another heavy to support your teammates’ assault.


Get ready for the Polish Medium line to expand with the debut of the Polish Tier VIII CS-52 LIS Medium Tank! Previously, this 1950s vehicle, designed to be powered by a gas turbine engine, existed only in history’s blueprints. World of Tanks: Flashpoint brings it to life as a vehicle that excels at classic medium tank gameplay.

Gameplay Tips:

Jack of all trades and king of support. Find a mid-range position and get ready to bolster your allies on the front line; the CS-52 LIS has all-around solid gun stats that will make you a second-string hero. Its hull armor is light, but its gun’s above-average alpha damage just might give you the advantage when it truly counts. Take it into battle and give your enemies a taste of pure power!

  • Land the hard hits up close or at a mid-range distance with its powerful gun.
  • Rely on the accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire to take the shots and rack up the XP.
  • Keep your hull hidden and use longer sightlines to fight effectively behind the front line.

History is yours!