Celebrate Flag Day With These Specials!

June 10, 2021

Get a random Flag drop and enjoy the discounts on Flags and “flag tanks”!

11 JUN
10:01UTC Time
15 JUN
8:59UTC Time

This weekend is all about collecting Flags! From cosmetics to tanks, check out below what’s waiting for you in-game and show your true colors in battle.

Flying the Flag Challenge

Earn one of eight Flags at random after destroying five or more enemy tanks in any number of multiplayer battles. You can complete this Challenge in either World War II or Cold War Mode, and there’s no limit on how many times you can complete it. Think you can collect them all?

Flying the Flag

Goals Rewards Restrictions
  • Destroy five or more vehicles in any number of multiplayer battles
  • One of eight Flags shown below, awarded at random.
  • Multiplayer only (excludes Co-Op)
  • World War II Mode: Available to Tiers V - X
  • Cold War Mode: Available to all Eras

25% Flag Discount

Over 50 Flags at 25% off! From national Flags to custom-made ones, make the most of this offer to decorate your tank with whichever Flag represents your fighting spirit.

Discounted “Flag Tanks” Bundles

Enjoy a 55% discount on these multinational and multi-class tank bundles. Stand out from your team with these heavy-hitting patriots.

All Premium vehicles purchased from the Store come with their own Vehicle slot and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

East and West

Japanese Tier VIII Senshi STA-2 Medium Tank

German Tier VII Tiger I Hammer Heavy Tank

Czechoslovakian Tier VI Žižka Škoda T 40 Medium Tank


55% Savings!

European Powers

British Tier VI Cromwell Knight Medium Tank

Soviet Tier VIII Stockade Obj. 703 Auto Heavy Tank

Swedish Tier VIII Stark Strv S1 Tank Destroyer


55% Savings!

New World Allies

American Tier VIII Patriot T26E5 Heavy Tank

French Tier VIII FCM 50 t Liberté Heavy Tank

British Tier V Frostbite Grizzly M4 Medium Tank


55% Savings!