First Strike Season Ending Soon!

June 16, 2021

Complete all 100 Levels and finish the season with incredible rewards!

27 APR
10:01UTC Time
22 JUN
8:59UTC Time

The First Strike season is coming to an end.

This historic chapter in the game’s history was introduced as World of Tanks: Modern Armor’s first season, allowing you to start a brand-new tanking journey with all kinds of updated content:

  • Earnable Premium tanks
  • New Cold War Consumables
  • New 3D Commanders
  • New Maps
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Post-season bonuses (after Level 100)
    • +25% Tank XP bonus
    • +25% Commander XP bonus
    • +25% Silver bonus

You have one week left until the weekly server restart on Tuesday to log in and complete as many Levels in the First Strike season as you can.

Remember, this is also your last opportunity to get the season passes’ content. The Season Pass and Ultimate Pass grant you access to:

  • T-55A Post-War Eastern Alliance Medium Tank (Ultimate Pass)
  • “Eagle Eye” Orlov 3D Hero Commander (Ultimate Pass)
  • T-55A Post-War Era Hero Skin (Ultimate Pass)
  • 25 Levels already completed (Ultimate Pass)
  • Rewards at every level in addition to the Free Rewards
  • More weekly Challenges
  • Enough Gold for you to get the next Season Pass
  • Season-exclusive Emblems and Inscriptions
  • Premium Skins for the T44-A and M47
  • Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman Medium Tank
  • Jennifer Hall 3D Commander

Get all the season and reward details you need in its dedicated article!

Don’t miss out! Take the fight forward!