Prepare to Make the First Strike!

April 22, 2021

Launch into First Strike, the first season of the Modern Armor era!

27 APR
10:01UTC Time
22 JUN
8:59UTC Time

The battlefield has a new frontier. Get ready to explore World of Tanks: Modern Armor with all the glory a new season offers. Announcing First Strike!

First Strike will be the first season in which you’ll be able to earn Level points in both World War II and Cold War game modes. It’s your choice: conquer all 100 Levels and claim your rewards in any available battlefield era you want! Switch between modes and eras as much as you like—you’ll keep earning points toward completing the season!

And these rewards are unlike the rewards from any other season. You’ll be able to earn all-new content that launches with Modern Armor:

  • 3D Commanders
  • New Premium Consumables like Enhanced Hull Patch Kits
  • Premium Skins for Cold War-era vehicles
  • …and more!

The First Strike is about to launch. Are you prepared for a new day on the battlefront?

Take the fight forward. Roll out!

Coming April 27th, 2021!