Extra Life 2020 Recap: Thank You, Console Community!

Extra Life 2020 Recap: Thank You, Console Community!

November 20, 2020

Hello, tankers!

We hoped you enjoyed Extra Life 2020! We had an amazing time on the weekend of November 7th, streaming for 24 hours straight on Twitch to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals!


We’re so proud of our community. Our fundraising goal was $5,000, but with your help, as of the time of this writing, we ended up raising $10,029 USD!!

In addition to straight-up battlefield blowouts, our stream featured special community and game developer segments:

  • Darold Higa, a favorite presenter on our YouTube channel, gave a talk on the Cold War that was highly praised.
  • Wargaming team members Ralph and Shawn gave some insight into the company with a Wargaming lifestyle presentation that we hope got some of you interested in joining our family!
  • Jeff Gregg led a developer Q&A that answered community questions and teased some future updates—get ready for 6.0, commanders!
  • Community Liason MintoVimto and Wargaming team members RaiBOT01, Tankz0rz, and moderncallout rolled out for some battles with the audience.
  • Throughout the event, we were joined by our REDDIT Ambassadors and Community Contributors, whose help with hosting and moderating the stream was invaluable!

The stream is still available for you to watch on our Twitch channel! Check it out: www.twitch.tv/wotconsole/videos

All together, Extra Life 2020 has raised over $12 million USD for children’s hospitals. Let’s see if we can get that incredible total even higher—we’re accepting donations until the end of the year at the link below!


Thank you all so much for joining us and contributing to this fantastic cause. We’re already looking forward to Extra Life 2021!!