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World of Tanks: Modern Armor – Era-Based Matchmaking and Cold War Tech Trees!

April 14, 2021

When World of Tanks: Modern Armor launches on April 27th, you’ll realize right away from the game’s main menu what a monumental expansion it is.

On the main menu, you’ll see both a World War II game mode and a Cold War game mode available to you.


Let’s talk about the unique gameplay features that each of these two game modes offers!

World War II

The World War II game mode contains the World of Tanks Console gameplay and World War II tanking action you know and love.

And we’ve got big plans for this mode. We’ll be adding new game content, including the recently announced Italian heavy tanks and more! Stay tuned over the next few weeks to learn more about what’s coming for World War II!

You’ll be able to identify that you’re playing in World War II mode when you see this icon in the top left corner of your Vehicles tab:

Cold War

The Cold War game mode is the largest expansion to the World of Tanks Console experience, starting with the first two tank lines of Cold War: Western and Eastern Alliance main battle tanks!

Cold War mode is the new addition that brings you, our dedicated commanders, highly anticipated features like Era-Based Matchmaking and battles without artillery.

You now have the choice to play the traditional World War II game you’ve grown to love over the years or to discover these exciting features in the new Cold War mode.

The Cold War universe also offers a revolutionized system that classifies tanks into two new Tech Trees:

The Western Alliance

The Eastern Alliance

Within those Tech Trees, you’ll have access to powerful new Cold War vehicles with Era-Based Matchmaking.

What’s Era-Based Matchmaking?

  • Each tank belongs to a specific Era in the table below.
  • There are three levels of tanks per Era.
  • Eras matchmake within each other only! Post-War Era tanks like the M47 Patton will never face the M1A1 Abrams, which is situated in the Détente Era.
  • This system has been designed to create closer games in terms of power levels of the tanks, for more excitement and balance!

Post-War Era

Late 1940s – mid-1950s

Escalation Era

1960s – 1970s

Détente Era

1980s – 1990s

You’ll be able to identify that you’re playing in Cold War mode when you see this icon in the top left corner of your Vehicles tab:


Will World War II vehicles be placed in the same matchmaking queue as Cold War vehicles?

  • No. The World War II game mode and the Cold War game mode will have separate queues to create fun, balanced matches.

Will I be able to use my Silver, Free XP, and Gold in Cold War mode?

  • Yes! Use them for whichever mode you want to play.

Will my Premium Time apply to both Cold War mode and World War II mode?

  • Yes! Your Premium Time will provide the same benefits for whichever mode you play.

Will there be any artillery in Cold War mode?

  • Cold War mode is artillery-free.

Which mode will be your favorite? We can’t wait for you to roll out on the 27th and find out!

Got more questions?  We have answers!  Please check out the following forum post and share all of your questions!


Also, don’t forget that we’ll be publishing more information related to World War II and Cold War mode leading up to the release of World of Tanks Modern Armor! Check out the article schedule here: