World of Tanks Console Update Information

World of Tanks Console Update Information

December 15, 2020

Update Sizes

  • Xbox : ~25GB
  • PS: ~25GB

The Action Heroes update brings an all-new look, feel, and atmosphere to World of Tanks! Upon launching the game, players will see changes immediately from the launcher, game mode menu, and vehicles. But this is only a start to the new features, improvements, and changes that you will notice while navigating through the game.


Your first interaction will be with the new Launcher. You can choose “Play” to launch the game or select your server.

Game Mode

The Game Mode Menu shows the game modes available.

  • Multiplayer: Take out your tank in intense 15v15 multiplayer battles.
  • Custom Games: The Custom Games menu (formerly Team Training) has been redesigned to make custom matches easier to discover, join, create, and navigate.

Vehicles Tab

The Vehicles Tab is where you can view the tanks you own, now with higher fidelity models. You can activate/deactivate your Boosters, check out the general tank stats, cycle through your active challenges, view what equipment, consumables, and camouflage are equipped on your tank, and launch into Battle! Check out the button legend to see other options available in your Vehicles Tab, such as Customizing your tank!

Customize is where you can set up your tank’s loadout, upgrades, appearance, and check out your tank’s armor and modules.

  • Loadout Tab:
    • Use the Loadout Tab to set up your tank’s modules, equipment, consumables, and ammo.
    • Modules
      • Set up your tank with your desired modules. Only available modules will be displayed. Check out the Upgrades Tab to unlock additional modules to loadout on your vehicle.
      • Any module that was previously researched, purchased, or equipped will still be upon login. Be sure to check your tanks for any adjustments you want to make to set up your optimal loadout!
    • Equipment
      • Introducing the new equipment system, we have adjusted how existing equipment functions and introduced new equipment that is now available to equip. And let’s not forget, we added a 4th slot!
      • To support this change, currently owned equipment has been upgraded to their new versions. If a tank would end up with two of the same equipment items, one would be refunded for 100% of its value.
  • Consumables
    • We have enhanced Consumables to a new, more powerful version to help keep your tank in tip-top shape on the battlefield. There are two types of Consumables available; Premium and Standard. Premium Consumables are reusable after a Cooldown period and Standard Consumables are single-use.
    • To support this change, all currently owned Consumables have been updated into their new counterparts.
      • Small Repair Kit → Repair Kit
      • Large Repair → Enhanced Repair Kit
      • Small First Aid Kit → Med Kit
      • Large First Aid → Enhanced Med Kit
      • Manual Fire Extinguisher → Fire Suppressor
      • Automatic Fire Extinguisher → Enhanced Fire Suppressor
      • All Oil / Fuel / Speed Governor → Enhanced Fuel Boost
  • Ammunition
    • Check out your gun’s available ammo and adjust your loadout. You will need to remove shells first to make room to add other shell types.
    • You can change your currency options when equipping Premium ammo by pressing the appropriate buttons found in the button legend.

Upgrades Tab:

  • The package system has been updated to a new upgrade system known as the linear progression system.
    • Unlocks such as modules or tank lines, are placed along a linear upgrade path that will unlock as you earn Vehicle XP with the end goal of reaching Elite Status.
    • Once a module is unlocked, you can purchase it on the Loadout Tab to equip it on your vehicle.
    • Once a tank is unlocked, you can move on to that tank or continue working toward Elite Status on your current tank.
    • Check out the button legend for additional options such as comparing modules and accelerating research!
    • To support this change, any module researched or purchased via the package system will remain that way in the new upgrade system.

Appearance Tab:

  • Outfit your tank with a paint job, skins, emblems, inscriptions, or Flags to give it some style on the battlefield.
    • Skins, found in the Camouflage section, can be applied to all seasons. Skins aren’t your typical paint job but a whole new look to make a statement. You’re here to dominate!
    • Premium skins are available on 9 Tier X Tech Tree tanks at launch with more becoming available in the future.
    • Hero skins are available on 3 of the latest released Premium tanks with more becoming available in the future.

Armor Viewer:

  • Check out the armor viewer to see your armor’s strong or weak spots.

Module Viewer:

  • Check out the module viewer to see additional stats about your Modules and their location on your tank.

Tech Tree Tab

Entering the Tech Tree tab, select the World War II tech tree that can be accessed at this time.

The visual layout of the Tech Tree has also been redesigned with a new vertical layout. Use your console shoulder buttons to switch between nations to view all the tanks available. While you’re checking out the new layout you may notice that the Tech Trees start at Tier III. This is due to all Tier 1 and 2 tanks (including Premiums), as well as some Tier 3 and 4 tech tree tanks have been retired from the game.

If you own any of these retired vehicles, they’ll still be in your garage to play as normal. Be careful, if you sell these retired tanks, you’ll be unable to repurchase them.

Tech Tree Tab_1
Tech Tree Tab_1
Tech Tree Tab_2
Tech Tree Tab_2

Commanders Tab

The Commander System replaces Crews and is where you recruit, assign, and teach skills to your Commanders. Commanders can be found in the new Commander Tab where all your Commander interactions will take place. There will be 3 types of Commanders; Standard, Premium, and Hero with only Standard Commanders available to recruit at launch. The various Commanders types will have a different number of skill slots unlocked by default as well as different Commander XP earn rates.

There are a few notable differences between Crews and Commanders. Let’s talk about some of them.

  • Commanders are not required in order for a Tank to be launched into battle, they are now optional. You can launch a tank into battle without a Commander with your tank performing at its full efficiency.
    • There is no penalty to your tank’s performance for not having a Commander assigned to it.
  • Commanders unlock skill slots by earning Commander XP when used in battle. Once you unlock a skill slot, you select a skill to place in the slot and that skill works at 100% efficiency immediately.
  • Commanders are not restricted to a specific Nation. You can transfer a Commander to any tank of any nation, paying any appropriate fees associated with the transfer.
  • Commanders have a maximum of 9 skill slots.

Existing Crews will be promoted into Commanders following a set of guidelines with promoted crews retaining their Picture, Names, VO, and tank assignments. All equipped skills and perks will be reset so you can re-spec your Commanders with the all-new Skills for Free! And speaking of skills, nearly every skill in the game has been considerably buffed as well as introducing some brand-new skills such as armor angling which will decrease damage received by 5%! Check out the Commanders Tab to see more!

Seasons Tab

Check out the latest Action Heroes Season to view the Season Rewards, Challenges, and Ops currently happening in-game.

Profile Tab

The Profile tab shows an overview of your account where you can find Key Cards (which replaced Chests), Medals, Stats, and your Log. Each section on the profile tab can be clicked on to open the full information in that section. You’ll also notice a Career section which will be coming soon!

Store Tab

You can check out the Store to view the current offerings available from Season Passes, Bundles, Premium Time, Key Cards (which replaced War Chest), and more! Check back often to see the latest deals and sales!


Now that you know what to expect from the menus, it’s time to go into battle! From the map loading screens all the way to the post-battle results, you’ll find that everything has been updated and redesigned.

  • Loading Screens
    • Check out some tips and tricks while you wait for the match to load! You can cycle through the various displays.
  • Maps
    • Once you’re loaded in, take some time to appreciate the new surroundings as we’ve visually enhanced the maps as well as new map location markers!
  • HUD
    • You’ll find some elements moved to new locations along with new elements added such as Target Info and XP Tracker.
  • Communication Radial
    • We’ve adjusted the Radial to 2 menus with 6 options per menu. Open it up and check out the new communication options to lead your team to victory.
  • Post-Battle Results Screen
    • Once the match has come to an end, the top 3 players will be showcased on the MVP screen. Were you one of them?
    • After clearing the MVP screen you’ll load up the Results where you can check out your Personal performance, Medals earned, and the Scoreboard to see how everyone performed.

Additional changes

  • We’ve made a few adjustments to some of the game mechanics.
    • On base capture, all winning team members receive additional XP and Silver, not just those in the capture circle.
    • Penetration RNG has been adjusted to the shooter’s advantage:  -10% / +25%
    • Damage RNG has been adjusted to the receiver’s advantage: -25% / + 15%
  • Made all-around improvements to AI including their movement, targeting, tactics, threat assessment, and more!
  • The platoon size has been adjusted to 3 players.
  • Help screens have been updated so check them out if you are unsure of what to do!
  • Keyboard/Mouse support has been added.
  • New audio can be found throughout the game including new ambiance, Commander VO, Tanks SFX, and more!
  • New FX can be seen in battle for more dramatic effects.
  • Revamped the initial player experience.
  • Rebalanced several maps
    • Sunset Coast: Standard variant 2 and 3 and Encounter variant 2
    • Fisherman’s Bay: Standard variant 2 and Encounter
    • Prokhorovka: Standard
  • Added new battle variants
    • Mines: Standard variant added
    • Abbey: Standard variant added
    • Pilsen: Standard variant added
    • Steppes: Standard variant added
    • Kasserine: Standard variant added
  • MTLS-1G14 + Blitzen changed to Tier 4
  • Updated conditions for many achievements

Stay Tuned!

While there are a lot of new items in this update, we weren’t able to fit all we have planned! The following are some of the items currently being developed to look forward to in a Future update!

  • New Tech Tree Tanks
  • Contracts
  • Tank Commander
  • Career Stats
  • Advanced Tank Stats
  • Ranked Battles
  • Additional Commander Skills
  • Additional Equipment
  • Additional Consumables
  • And more!


As we move toward the future of the game and introduce new content and features, it’s time for some things to end. The following items have been retired from the game:

  • War Stories Game Mode
    • For each War Story tank owned, players will receive Silver and Free XP compensation during the removal process.
  • Crew Customization + Crew Customization Vouchers
  • All Tiers 1-2 retired as well as some Tier 3 and 4 tanks
  • Ribbon system
  • Mini-game on the Launcher
  • Achievements:
    • Special Guest Star
    • Tanks ATTACKED (Xbox Only)
    • Eyes Peeled
    • Story Master
    • Story Teller
    • Journey Began
    • New Story Wheels
    • Payday
    • Better Together


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