Contract System: How to Earn Mercenary Vehicles

Introduced with Update 4.5, the Contract System is a new way to earn vehicles in World of Tanks: Mercenaries.

What is a Contract?

Each Mercenary Tech Tree vehicle has its own Contract that a player must complete before they expire in order to get their chosen Mercenary tank for free. Each Contract consists of up to eight stages, with each stage having up to three tasks to complete. Each stage also has its own reward for completing that stage. Once a player completes the full Contract, they will be rewarded with the Mercenary tank, one Garage Slot, and the unique Crew Commander equipped with their associated skills. 

Contract Availability

The availability of active Contracts can vary and may not always be available to complete. To see if a Contract is available for a Mercenary vehicle:

  • Navigate to the Mercenary Tech Tree.
  • Highlight a vehicle and press the relevant button (shown at the bottom of the screen) to view its Contract details.This will open the vehicle’s Contract tab.
    • Contracts can only be viewed in Multiplayer.
  • The current status and availability of the Contract can be viewed here. The status can be one of the following:
    • Contracts Locked: You need to earn XXXX more XP to unlock Contracts.
    • Currently Unavailable: This vehicle has no Contract details yet. Please check back later.
    • Contract Available: Contract Details are available with the option to ‘Purchase’ or ‘Sign’ the Contract.
      • Some Contracts cannot be purchased and can only be signed and completed.
    • In Progress: Will say ‘in progress’ with the options to ‘Purchase’ or ‘Skip’ the stage.
      • Some Contracts and stages cannot be purchased and can only be signed and/or completed.
    • Contract Completed: You've completed this Contract.

Unlock the ability to sign Contracts

Players cannot sign a Contract until players meet a minimum XP requirement, currently 7,500 XP. Once you meet the XP requirements, you will unlock the ability to sign available Contracts. Players will receive a pop-up confirmation that they have unlocked Contracts once they meet this requirement.

Starting an available Contract

Players can only sign available Contracts, and you can only sign one Contract at a time. You can check the Mercenary Tech Tree to see which Contracts are currently available to sign.

  • Go to the Mercenary Tech Tree.
  • Highlight a Mercenary vehicle that currently has a Contract available.
  • Press the relevant button (shown at the bottom of the screen) to view vehicle information and/or Contract details.
  • Highlight and select the ‘Sign Contract’ button or buy out the Contract instantly by selecting the purchase option.​
    • Some contracts cannot be purchased and can only be signed and completed.

Stages of a Contract

Each contract can have up to eight stages consisting up to three tasks per stage. Each stage has its own completion reward. Players can view each stage, its requirements, and its rewards from the Contract. While the Contract is active, press ‘Right’ to cycle through the stages to view each stage’s information. The tasks required to complete the stage will vary in difficulty and will generally become more difficult as you progress through the stages. Some tasks will have nation, tier, or tank-specific requirements that must be played to fulfill certain tasks.

Players have the option to skip a stage or buyout the entire contract for Gold any point during the Contract. When using Gold to skip a stage, the player will receive the stage completion rewards for that skipped stage. When buying out the full Contract, the Gold price is dynamic based on how many stages have been completed already, and the player will receive all the stage rewards for any of the uncompleted stages.

Some Contracts or stages cannot be purchased or skipped for Gold. In this case, there is no option to buy or skip.

Contract Filter

Each stage of the Contract will have certain tank requirements based on nation, tier, class, or specific tanks. We have added a "Contract Compatible" filter option so players can filter their garage reel to only display the tanks that can be used to complete the current stage of their signed contract. Players can activate this filter in the garage by pressing ‘Up’ on the D-pad, highlighting the Contract Compatible filter, and then press ‘A’ or ‘X’ to activate it.

  • Garage Filter is only available when you own more than seven vehicles.
  • Contract Compatible filter will only be an available filter option when the player has an active (signed) contract.

Viewing Contract Progress

Contract progress can be viewed in the Garage, ‘Ops’ tab, or in the ‘Contract’ tab on the tank. The ‘Ops’ tab and ‘Contract’ tab will display the tasks required to complete the current Contract. When players complete a Stage, they will receive a pop-up notification to let them know about this, along with details of the rewards they received following this completion.

Completing a Contract

A Contract is complete once players finish all stages required for a Contract or by buying out a Contract for Gold before the Contract is expired. Upon completing the Contract, they will receive the Mercenary Tank, Garage Slot, and the unique Crew with the associated skills. Players will receive a pop-up notification that they have completed the contract, followed by the tank celebration screen. 

  • Each Contract has a set expiration date for when it must be completed. 
  • Contracts can only be completed once.
  • Some Contracts cannot be purchased and can only be signed and completed.

Contract Expiration

Each Contract has a set expiration date for when it must be completed. Players will receive two Contract expiration notices: one at 24 hours’ notice, and the other 60 minutes before the expiration time along with the option to buy out the remaining Contract for Gold. After the first message, the Contract expiration date becomes orange and changes its format to hours. After the second message, it becomes red and changes its format to minutes. 

  • Upon the expiration of a Contract or on your first login after a Contract has expired, there will be a pop-up notification to let you know that your signed Contract has expired. 
  • Once that vehicle’s Contract has expired, it will go back to being ‘Currently Unavailable’ until the Contract becomes available again in the future.
  • If you don't complete a Contract before it expires, your progress is not saved. Once the Contract is available again, players can sign the Contract and will have to start from the beginning.
  • The expiration date and times of Contracts are the same for all players. It is not based on the time and date when a player signs the Contract.

Signing a new Contract while having an active Contract

Only one Contract can be active (signed) at a time. However, a player can choose to sign another Contract. In this case, the player will receive a pop-up notification containing two options: complete the current Contract in exchange for Gold, or cancel the current Contract. If a player chooses to cancel the current Contract, all progress will be lost, and they will have to start over.

  • Only one Contract can be canceled per day. 
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