War Stories: Rewrite History

Prepare to dive into War Stories, a war experience like no other. Immerse yourself in epic, story-driven campaigns where you can hone your battle skills in thrilling scenarios, ranging from famous historical events to alternate histories. Defend Britain from an amphibious Axis invasion, prevent a nuclear holocaust as the Cold War turns hot, or infiltrate a German stronghold in Egypt to steal a terrifying new weapon. The latest releases, Spoils of War, pits a group of new heroes against a reality where World War II never ended.

Eight War Stories have been released to date and can be played for free in either single-player or co-operative online multiplayer. Get ready to rewrite history with War Stories, only on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


The year is 1948, and World War II never ended.

Every War Stories campaign, with the exception of Brothers in Armor, has a special bundle that can be unlocked and purchased once the main campaign has been completed. Once you complete a campaign for the first time, the bundle will be available to purchase in the 'Store' tab for 24 hours only. Check the dedicated page for each War Stories campaign to see which bundles are available!