Web Store Rules

Web Store Rules

The World of Tanks Web Store is where you can purchase items such as Premium vehicles, Gold, Premium Account time, and other goods.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules and policies of the web-based Store:

  1. If you don't have enough Gold to make a purchase, Gold can be purchased via the World of Tanks in-game Store, or the Xbox or Playstation console or web-based marketplaces. Players must log into World of Tanks before Gold purchase transactions take effect
  2. Purchases of Premium Account time begin immediately after purchase, not upon game log in. Failure to use your Premium Account time between the time of purchase and the expiration of Premium time will result in forfeiture of the benefits of Premium Account time.
  3. If a Premium vehicle in a purchased bundle is already owned (i.e., in your Garage), you will be compensated in Silver for the vehicle's value. However, if you purchase a bundle with more than 1 vehicle and you already own one of them, you will receive the vehicle's Gold equivalent at the bundle's discounted cost.
  4. Bundles available only for one-time purchase are awarded once in-game, even if purchased multiple times on the website. Any additional purchases of a one-time purchase bundle will be refunded in Silver.
  5. Premium Account time that is part of a bundle and goes beyond the maximum allowed Premium Time (1,825 days) will be converted into a compensation of the equivalent Gold amount
  6. Refreshing or closing your web browser will not cancel a purchase after it has been confirmed
  7. The Web Store site's “Stats” page has a subsection for Vehicles, but is not an inventory. Vehicles you purchase will only appear once said vehicle has been used in the game
  8. Purchases made on the Web Store are exclusively for World of Tanks on Console and cannot be transferred to other Wargaming titles.
  9. Not all purchases may be instantaneous. If goods are not received within 24 hours, please contact our Customer Service Center.
  10. Purchasing bundles for other players is available after clicking the purchase button on a bundle.  Below are some additional rules and policies for gifting.  

a)      Gifting is only available between players on the same console platform.

b)      If a premium vehicle in a gifted bundle is already owned by the gift recipient, the recipient will be compensated in Silver for the vehicle’s value. 

c)       Premium Account time for gifted bundles starts at the time of purchase. 

d)      Players that receive a bundle as a gift will be notified via an email message.

Can I get a refund for my Web Store purchase?

We will not be able to offer a refund for the following items purchased from the Store:

  • Gold amounts which have already been spent (partially or completely)
  • Premium vehicles that have seen combat (one or more battles)
  • Consumables that have been used or exhausted
  • Premium Account time that was purchased 24 or more hours before submitting a ticket
  • Gifts for another player

If your purchased items remain unused, please file a billing ticket to our Customer Service Center below:

Note: you must login to your Xbox or PlayStation account to submit a ticket.