"Years of Service" Awards

To show our appreciation to our dedicated tankers, we have special "Years of Service" awards! For every year since your first login, you will receive a unique Emblem and seven days of Premium!

This reward is retroactive. For example, if your account is two years or older, you will receive both Year 1 and Year 2 awards. Please note that this award is based on your account login date after official launch -- time spent in Beta tests does not count.

When completing the first requirement (logging in to your account), you will be awarded with seven days of Premium time. Then, after playing a battle, you'll complete the second requirement and receive the "Year of Service" Emblem!

"Years of Service" Emblem Details

Happy 1st Anniversary!

Log into your account.

  • Account must be older than 1 year
  • Available once per account
  • Unlocks "1 Year of Service Stamp"

Reward: 7 Days of Premium

1 Year of Service Stamp

Play a battle.

  • Available once per account

Rewards: Year of Service Emblem based on your account age


I started on my account on October 31, 2015 -- will I still get a one-year Emblem and seven days of Premium on my anniversary in 2016?

If you were to start playing World of Tanks today, then one year later you'll get the Emblem and Premium. Additionally, you will get your two year emblem and seven day of Premium on your anniversary date in 2017. Each year of service on your account will get you seven days of Premium and the corresponding Emblem.

I've been playing on Xbox 360 from the beginning, then on Xbox One, but no longer play. If I have a PlayStation 4 account, can I have my Years of Service Emblem and Premium time transferred?

This is account specific and will not be transferred or applied between consoles. PS4 and Xbox accounts are not unified, and are seen as two separate accounts. Your PS4 anniversary will be based solely on the start date for that account.

How do I unlock the Emblem(s)?

Just play a battle with the tank you want the Emblem for. Afterward, the Emblems will be available under the customization menu.

I didn’t get my Years of Service awards / How can I check my anniversary date?

In these cases, please submit a ticket to Support so they can assist you.