Understanding Battle Modes

Getting Started

Destroying the opposing team's tanks may be the most straightforward path to victory, but it isn't the only way to win! In World of Tanks, teams of up to 15 players clash across three different modes of battle, each with its own unique victory conditions.

Standard Battle

Bases are identified by the flag icons on the map. The green flag indicates your team’s base; the red flag is the enemy’s. To capture (cap) a base, players must remain within the white circle around the enemy team's flag; this starts a countdown represented by a green bar (your team capturing the enemy base) or a red bar (the enemy team capturing your base). Taking damage while within the circle, or leaving the circle, will reduce the bar's progress.

In Standard battle mode, each team owns a base at opposite ends of the map. Victory is achieved when one team is destroyed, or when the opposing team's base is captured.

Teams have 15 minutes to complete either of these objectives, or the match ends in a draw. Standard battles require both offense and defense, as protecting your team's base from the enemy is just as important as capturing theirs!



In Assault, one team is designated the “Attackers” and the other team is designated the "Defenders." There is only one base on the map, controlled by the defenders; their objective is to defend the base from the attacking team, who must capture the base or destroy all of the defenders to win. This game mode is restricted to 10 minutes, and if the attackers have not succeeded within that time, victory is awarded to the defending team.  



Encounter is a "king of the hill"-type battle mode with both teams competing to capture a neutral base on the map. Within the 15-minute time limit, one team must either capture the base or destroy the enemy team to win. Capture will be blocked if tanks from both teams are present within the capture circle, so make sure to eliminate enemy tanks attempting to cap!